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You KNOW you have the desire to help others, you have good even great ideas, you may even have a program or offering available and yet, you’ve found yourself Asleep in the Poppies and you just DON'T KNOW WHY! Find out what has you stuck and how to move forward with this tarot-py session.
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What has you Asleep in the Poppies?

Single Mini Coaching Session


You are in the right place if:

You have wonderful gifts you want to share with the world.


You KNOW you have the desire to help others, you have good even great ideas, you may even have a program or offering available and yet, instead of creatively and joyfully building that beautiful Emerald City of yours…

you’ve found yourself Asleep in the Poppies and you just DON’T KNOW WHY! 


It’s so frustrating.  What spell is this that the Witch has put you under?

You’re skilled, bright, and passionate, have something to offer and yet… you’re stuck!


It can be so frustrating to put yourself out there.  Knowing you have something to offer and the call to help others and yet you find yourself:  plagued by self-doubt, questioning your value, lacking the clarity, direction or courage to take action.


Well Thank Oz you’re HERE! 

Let’s use this quick tarot-py session find out what has you asleep in the poppies and what you can do about it!

What kind of snow will Glinda sprinkle to wake you up and get you back on track to your dreams?  


Here is what you’ll gain from this session:

Rider Waite Smith Tarot DeckKnow where in Oz you are right now 

  • Find out how far along you are with your current business, project, program, etc. and what energy is most influencing you right now


Reveal the spell the Witch has over you

  • Finally know what it is that has you feeling stuck and what it is you must overcome to move on towards your dream


Discover what your ruby slippers capable of & how to best use them right now

  • Know what strength you have to draw upon & how to use it to release the stuck energy


Find out who or what in Kansas is pulling you back

  • Uncover what is unresolved from the past which is still holding you back – what to leave behind you so that you can move on


Be alerted to what’s up ahead on the yellow brick road for you

  • what is being drawn into your experience next and how best to approach it


Get Glinda’s Guidance – Clarity, direction and focus

  • Know where to direct your focus and find out the next 3 steps to take to get you back on track to building your Emerald City


PLUS a Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain of your potential clients!


***Always designed with YOU in mind***


All of my sessions are unique to you and your specific needs and situation. The Asleep in the Poppies session is designed to help you move forward with your business. Whether you are just getting started building your platform or you have a specific project, program or offer that you are “stuck” with, this is a GREAT place to start.



If your needs are more general in nature, concern other areas of your life such as love/relationships, finances/career, spiritual/personal development then Click Your Heels HERE to be taken to the Get Out of Kansas Session!


Are you ready to find out what’s got you stuck in the poppy field?

YES! Get me to my Emerald City!  

Tarot Reading Report

Get me to my Emerald City NOW!

Here’s what I need from you to move forward Dorothy:


First, as a guide rather than a ‘fortune teller’, I will need the details of your question/situation so that I can customize the best experience for you. So, think through what it is you truly desire to get clarity and direction about.  Maybe even jot down a few notes.


Then… choose your package: audio – $111 or PDF – $147


You will be re-directed to a page with your next steps right after ordering. There you’ll find a form to tell me about what area of your life, business or process you feel most stuck, share any of your concerns and any specific things that you would like to have revealed at this time.


If you do not have a specific focus area at this time, I will kindly ask for you to please book a reading with me at another time. General or vague areas return to us vague messages that aren’t as nurturing or illuminating as when we focus on something specific.


If you’d like to learn more, visit my article

What To Expect From Tarot or Divination.

I’d like the Emerald Package… $111

I want the Audio!

I’d like the Ruby Package… $147

I want the PDF Report!

Ready to book your reading but, you want something deeper and more comprehensive than a single tarot-py session?

Visit The Emerald City Services Page

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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadows of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

Disclaimer: Glinda’s Guidance Ruby Slipper Readings are for entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy,  medical treatment, legal or financial advice.