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Join the Ruby Slipper Rebels facebook community! Hello Dorothy you stunning heroine! It is no mistake that you are here, you have been invited. Whether you consciously received an invite from a friend or you stumbled across us through some other means it is because you are meant to receive an invite to walk the yellow brick road with us.
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ruby slipper rebels facebook community

Community Guidelines

Hello Dorothy you stunning heroine!


It is no mistake that you are here, you have been invited.  Whether you consciously received an invite from a friend or you stumbled across us through some other means it is because you are meant to receive an invite to walk the yellow brick road with us.


To RSVP to the party just visit our fb community : The Ruby Slipper Rebels and ask to join the group.


To learn more about our community keep reading…

First, if you are here it means that you’re ready to harness the power of your ruby slippers to grab the gold that is over your rainbow.  You are ready for an adventure!


👠 Welcome to the Ruby Slipper Rebels! 👠





We are the Ruby Slipper Rebels


👠 A community for brave souls, who dare to challenge the Almira Gultches of the world, release the cellar doors of Kansas and agree to venture out on the yellow brick road in search of our own truth, purpose and ‘home’.


👠 We are a community of thinkers, passionaires and action-oriented light beings, the Scarecrows, Tin men and Lions, who support one another through to the Emerald City and beyond.






👠 Explore your dreams, connect to your intuition and express your voice and imagination in a safe space without the judgment of folks in Kansas or the small thinking of the Munchkins.


👠 Live out a more colorful, playful, joyful and prosperous version of your life and business with a group of good witches (in the form of professionals and spiritual entrepreneurs) who stick together and help each other navigate the yellow brick road.


👠 Begin to see your yellow brick road unfold and reveal what may have you stuck in Kansas, plagued by the Flying Monkeys in the Dark Forest, Asleep in the Poppies and pinning your hopes on a Wizard with no powers.


👠 Realize that the gold over the rainbow is within you begging to be accessed and shared with the world! And you must know you have all you need right now to get it because life is like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz – it’s perfectly reasonable to set sail with nothing more than a dream and a dog.


🚧 🚧 🚧



 No fighting over each other’s shoes! There is no competition for YOU.


 No Munchkin mindlessness! You must be willing to click your own heels – please no asking others to do it for you (you are not a Munchkin YOU are the heroine of this adventure).


 No Wicked Witch tricks – no sending out to others the flying monkeys of jealousy, lack and doubt. And especially no SPAM which includes MLM offers and affiliate links.


******** INVITE YOUR FRIENDS ********

📬 To invite your friends to this community, send them a personal message with the link to join:


📬 To discover ways to navigate your own yellow brick road, get the FREE Oznalogy and sneak peek at The Ruby Slipper Principles… visit


P.S. I’m Loreen but for purposes of this adventure consider me 👑Glinda 👑 your guide. I help emerging entrepreneurs struggling with uncertainty, questioning their self-worth and searching for the courage to fulfill their life’s purpose to trust their inner voice, uncover their true value and take inspired and courageous action in their lives and businesses; all through the magic of The Wonderful World of the Wizard of Oz.






People in this community are professionals and emerging entrepreneurs who are

  • ready to get out of Kansas or
  • are tired of being stuck in Munchkinland (please don’t get me started on company groupthink)
  • are actively searching for their gold over the rainbow
  • and believe that their soul’s purpose, passion and prosperity are just 3 clicks of their heels away


Though we all may be at different points of our heroic adventure – we have a common goal and that is to find our way ‘home’.


Dorothy didn’t do it without her friends and you don’t have to either!  Join the Ruby Slipper Rebels and we’ll follow the yellow brick road together.


To keep the flying monkeys at bay we have some engagement guidelines and Daily Post Themes.


Of course Wizardry is always Welcome…

Do you have a question for the Great and Powerful Oz?  Post it.  Have a Great and Powerful insight which you feel would be helpful?  Post it in response to the Rebels.  We help each other peek behind the curtain throughout this journey.


You may share your Great and Powerful insights on any topic, any time but you must keep it edutaining, yes edutaining – educational and/or entertaining.  We have Toto with us always and can sense if you are swooping in on a hot air balloon just to drop an advert.


Ruby Slipper Rebels are engaged, making thoughtful comments, asking insightful questions and supporting one another with authentic engagement in the community.   “Likes” and “Great Post” is nice but it does not count as walking the yellow brick road with us.


Not sure what to post?  That’s cool… check out our Daily Post Themes






facebook daily post themesMONDAY Munchkinland Treats

Share your most recent “Ta Das” with the group. Allow yourself to receive a well deserved lollipop of recognition and praise.


Every week is full of adventure and many times that includes chaotic tornados that have us spinning all around.  So, it’s important to recognize that you’ve landed straight out of that week and into this one and with that comes another opportunity to recognize that you’ve yet again earned your ruby slippers!


Please share your achievements no matter how big or small from last week.  Let’s start off this week with a warm Munchkinland welcome and outpouring of appreciation for YOU!


TUESDAYS with Toto

Tap into your intuition today! Tell us what insights Toto has provided for you today.  No matter how you do your divination – from tarot to tea leaves, meditation to mediumship – SHARE your clair!  Readings, tips, techniques – all ways to feed Toto are welcome in the thread today.


Let’s face it if not for Toto you’d not be here!  Your imagination and intuition are a loyal, dedicated friend and an important GPS navigation tool.  Don’t get lost on the yellow brick road – let’s take time out to feed and appreciate Toto.


Wicked Witch About It WEDNESDAY

Come WITCH about it! What’s in your way?  Who seeks to steal your shoes? Where is your imagination (Toto) being squashed, unappreciated or held captive?


When the Wicked Witch isn’t happy she doesn’t just sit there and take it – she takes action to change her circumstances. Let’s muster up some of her righteous anger, that’s right I said the dirty word “anger”, the kind that invokes powerful action. So come “WITCH about it” with intention to conjure up enough discontent with your current experience that you feel compelled to break that spell and create NEW magic for things to go your way!


Whew – being bad feels so good sometimes doesn’t it?


Through the Dark Forest Together THURSDAYS

Ok so, the flying monkeys may be hovering and the trees may all seem to be reaching out at you to pull you back in. Remember you are NOT alone.  Let’s get through this together. What’s going on for you?  Where do you need some help to get through the dark forest?


Call on the Rebels to help you think it through this Thursday.  Post your issue and let’s brainstorm a way to get to your Emerald City!


FREE from Flying Monkeys FRIDAYS

What flying monkey did you break free from this week?  Release a limiting belief?  Take action despite your doubts? Let go of an energy vampire in your life or business? Let’s CELEBRATE swatting that pest down from the skies and allowing you to move another step closer to clicking your heels!


SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Snow Sprinkles

Good Witch Super Support weekend.  Don’t let your friends Fall Asleep in the Poppies on your watch!  Let’s use the weekends to post things that are inspirational, insightful, helpful, and EYE OPENING!  Wave your magic wand and share your super powers or maybe share an Ah-ha moment you had this week.  Keep it light, bright and playful!  Just like the snow!


  • MarciaAnn

    08.03.2017 at 23:00 Reply

    You are a wonderful mirroar!

    So excited to walk rhe yellow brick road with you rebels!!!

    • Glinda

      09.03.2017 at 13:00 Reply

      We are so thrilled to have you with us MirROAR!! Time to lock arms, swat down some flying monkeys and really click our heels. <3

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