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Are you successful but unfulfilled? Aspiring Dreampreneurs you are in the right place to get clarity and direction, uncover your true value, connect to your inner voice and activate your courage through the Wonderful Wisdom of Oz.
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Emerald City Services

In the Emerald City you are awarded full permission to be authentically you, as you finally discover and harness the power of your ruby slippers.


Unlike in Oz, you’ll find No Wizards Here. You’ll find Oracles prepared to guide and advise you in ways that a wizard never could.  With Glinda’s help you’ll solve their riddles, and mysteries, the unseen becomes the seen as we explore Oz, navigate your yellow brick road and unlock the formula to finally click your heels!


If you’ve DECIDED:

  • you’re ready to bust free of the limiting beliefs you adopted from Kansas that keep you locked in a cellar
  • you’re tired of being surrounded by small thinking Munchkins who feed you sticky sweet compliments just to get you to stay with them
  • you’ve accepted your LAST false promise from a Wizard and
  • you’re dreams have been held captive long enough by the Wicked Witch


It’s time for you to join the Ruby Slipper Rebellion. The Emerald City Services will help you bust out of the cellar to become the hero of your story.

1:1 Guidance With Glinda

Dreampreneurs Click Your Heels Here

Ruby Coaching Package

This is for inspired and aspiring dreampreneurs who are ready to build their businesses!


Emerald coaching Package

This is for the aspiring Glinda’s who are ready to help inspire others & just need to now how.


Loreen Muzik Life Alchemist

No matter where you are in Oz, together we can have you clicking your heels home.

You have a unique gift to share with the world! But your thoughts & desires haven’t connected with your courage to take action just yet and… you don’t know why!

Let’s find out what’s holding you back.

Let’s release soul contracts.

Let’s build your Emerald City together. 

Single Sessions & Packages available

yellow brick road coaching package

Let’s pour water on this Witch and align these few elements of your business to SHINE. 


Intuitive Business Strategy session

Intuitive Business Strategy Session. Because Pioneers need compasses too. 


Ruby Slipper Readings

Get Clarity. Direction. Inspiration.

Tarot Coaching

Connect with your soul’s desire. Unlock the infinite power of your ruby slippers.


Single Mini Coaching Session

You have gifts to share with the world but you’re STUCK and you don’t know why! Get back on track to your Emerald City.


Get out of Kansas Tarot Reading

Experiencing monotony in: Love, Money, Career, Spirit? Time to get out of Kansas!  Find your gold over the rainbow.


Courses ~ Workshops ~ Tutoring
Introduction to Tarot Workshop

Anyone can read tarot. Yes – even you! All you need is the desire, a deck of tarot cards and the patience to allow a message to be revealed to you through art.


Loreen Muzik Life Alchemy and guidance

Connect to your intuition.  Go from Toto to tarot and use it as a compass for your heroic journey.

Single Sessions & Packages available

Emerald City Services Group Coaching

If you are an aspiring Dreampreneur… you’ve come to the right place!

Explore the magic of the Wonderful Wisdom of Oz to click your heels right on out of your current situation and into a passion filled, purposeful and prosperous life.

Let’s go on an adventure to:

Trust your inner voice

Uncover your true value

Activate your courage 

and… fulfill your life’s purpose



If you don’t want to be left in Kansas…

Get on the WaitList now!

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