Glinda's Guidance | Learn Tarot for Clarity. Direction. Advice.
Fun, easy introduction to reading tarot cards; simple common sense approach, no memorization. All you need is desire, a deck of tarot cards and the patience to allow messages to reveal themselves to you through art.
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Invite me to learn Tarot!

Don’t leave me in the dark forest without Toto… I want to get on the Wait List NOW!

Wait a second… first tell me more about the workshop!

Is this workshop for me?

If you’ve been thinking about reading tarot, have dabbled in readings for yourself or you picked up a tarot deck took one look at the 6 of Swords (6 swords stabbing a boat?) and thought like I did – “this makes NO SENSE” and then put that deck back on a shelf for another day… THIS is your day!

C’mon let’s play!

learn at your own pace

Anyone can read the tarot. Yes – even you. All you need is the desire, a deck of tarot cards and the patience to allow a message to be revealed to you through art.

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Ever tried to learn tarot from a book and left with more confusion, questions & frustration than you had at the start?

What I’m sharing with you in this series is a fun, easy introduction to the cards; a peek behind the deck meant to encourage you to open up those divine conversations, explore your heroic journey AND enjoy the spirit of community and connection as you do.


A course for folks, who are just getting started with using cards for divination, when you join us you’ll gain the following for your spiritual toolkit:


  • how to choose, clear and shuffle your deck
  • how to prepare your space & protect yourself for a divine conversation (a reading)
  • a simple, common sense approach to read the cards both intuitively and practically
  • the structure and basic meanings for all 78 cards – no memorization required
  • how to use the cards as your guide as you navigate the yellow brick road of your life



    • Observe sample readings
    • Practice & conduct a tarot reading for yourself and others


YES – this course is for everyone.
YES – you can read Tarot cards – even if you DON’T think you’re intuitive!
YES – we really ARE going to lift the shroud of mystery around divination!

AND… it’s just going to be super fun.


If a simple, joyful, common sense approach to reading tarot appeals to you then I invite you to join us for this wonderful journey!


Course requirements: desire to learn tarot, a Rider Waite tarot deck, a journal and a pen.

``AWESOME class !!!! Glinda/Loreen Muzik you are a gifted teacher. I can't believe how fast those hours went by and how much I learned in them. Thank you !!!! very much for teaching this wonderful class.`` Hannelore F.
Launching Soon... Get on the Wait List NOW!

Invite me to learn Tarot!

Don’t leave me in the dark forest without Toto… I want to get on the Wait List NOW!

Loving it! How about the course outline?

Intro To Tarot Classroom

Mission for this course


My Goal: You are inspired, empowered and excited about walking the yellow brick road with tarot as your guide!  All through a simple, approachable, common sense approach to tarot.  PUT THE BOOKS down, you won’t need them any more.


A blend of lecture and workshop activity.  It is a highly interactive workshop and Q&A will happen throughout the day.

The Intuitive Side of Reading

I. What is Tarot?

Find out the mystery of this divination tool and learn the difference between Oracle cards and tarot cards.


II. Addressing the Myths of tarot

Peeling back the curtain on the Wizard’s of the tarot world.

Find out:

  •  Do you need to be gifted your first deck?
  • Can tarot tell the future?
  • Do you have to be psychic to read the cards?
  • Must your cards be wrapped in silk?  and if so… why?
  • and so much more!


III. History of Tarot

Learn about the origins of tarot – when and where did people start doing divination with the cards?


IV. Interactive Reading

We jump right in and start reading – putting into practice a wonderful little technique which will have you reading tarot within the first hour of your day!


V. Why Tarot? 

Learn how it can improve our lives & guide us along our own heroic journey


VI. How to Read Intuitively

What is intuitive reading and how to learn this magical language.  Plus 5 fantastic tips you won’t want to miss!


VII.  Clearing & Consecrating Your Deck, Preparing Your Space

Preparing your self and your space for reading is an integral aspect of your success.


VII.  Your Question, Your Compass

Ever stared at a deck wondering… now what?  Formulating a powerful question can unleash the magic of those little cards.


VIII. Workshop Activity – The 1-card

We start with a focus on reading for yourself.  A simple, yet powerful message from just 1-card!


IX. Workshop Activity – Reading for yourself or others – 3- and 9 card reading

Did you know that reading more cards is actually easier than just 1?! This reading practice will show you exactly how.

This is a fabulous class! I started reading tarot when I was 23. Since then I have stumbled through my readings and referencing the book that came with my cards. I always was left with a big hummm? I knew the cards meant more! I knew the cards when next to others cards meant things too but what? if you take Loreen's class so many mysteries of the tarot will be lifted. You will all of a sudden get it plus so much more! Loreen is a natural teacher. She is kind, patient, and super duper insightful! If I was youI I would definitely sign up right now! ~ Lisa Perrine Brown
Intro to Tarot Handout
Launching Soon... Get on the Wait List NOW!

Invite me to learn Tarot!

Don’t leave me in the dark forest without Toto… I want to get on the Wait List NOW!

Tarot Workshop for the Curious
Letter to Tarot Students

The Practical Side of Reading

X. Structure of Tarot

Most people get overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of the cards, thinking that each is a fresh and unique meaning that they must memorize. That is a daunting task.  That is NOT what I encourage nor what we will practice in this course.


XI. The Suits & Elemental Associations

Understanding the basic elements and how they react helps us to understand their association to the suits.


XII. The Pips/Minors

Learn the path of the elements through these wonderful images!

XIII. Workshop Activity  

Start formulating your own meanings, see how the suits unfold!


XIV. The Courts

Meet the royal families.  They’re characters, personalities, energies and so much  more! The cards that most confuse tarot readers around the world! Learn tips that demystify these royal beings and make them approachable and very insightful advisors for you.


XV. The Majors

The spiritual lessons and archetypes of the tarot.


XVI. Putting it ALL Together – Tarot Spreads – Reading Practically

The spread, the roadmap to your messages, your yellow brick road revealed!  Though I will share various spreads throughout the day and you will have a chance to interact with them, we’ll finish with the Granddaddy of them all… the Celtic Cross.



Tarot is both an art and a science.  It’s for intuitives and logicals, it has something for everyone who has an interest.  Through out the day we will explore this  magical divination tool and the different styles of reading.  Above all though, I will present a common sense, simple approach to reading tarot WITHOUT THE BOOKS!



C’mon… join us!  You’ll be so glad you did!

Launching Soon... Get on the Wait List NOW!

Invite me to learn Tarot!

Don’t leave me in the dark forest without Toto… I want to get on the Wait List NOW!

Learn Tarot with Loreen Muzik

Have Questions? Drop me a line!

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