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Meet Glinda, Loreen Muzik is a loving, compassionate & inspiring guide who provides proactive advice & spiritual insights. Tarot is the tool I use to open divine conversations so that I may inspire you, help you evolve and illuminate the way to your very
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Is Glinda the guide for me?

You are a heroine – a ruby slipper wearing, heel clickin’, passion filled Pioneer.


But somehow your desires and skills haven’t connected with your courage to manifest your dreams here in Kansas! Am I right? – BEEN there.


You have an entrepreneurial dream and a dog, (maybe just the dream and that’s ok) but when it comes to letting go of the cellar doors you freeze (there’s no way I could do that for a living is there?!?) and you put the dream on a shelf for another day. Hey… there’s a tornado coming after all… best to stay SAFE!


OR… You have a burning desire to help others and to share your knowledge but, when it comes to accepting payment for your services; you shrink back into a Munchkin and accept lollipops and compliments. (UGH – welcome resentment my old friend. I KNOW others are making so much more, offering so much less than me!) FEEL you.


Maybe, worst of all, you’ve already been displaced by the tornado (lost your job, hated it anyway – but salary, bennies & corporate car were sweet) and have the perfect opportunity to pursue your life’s purpose but, you’re scared of your own tail and just hide in the dark forest hoping that the Wizard will come find you with his hot air balloon.


Well, it’s your lucky day. You just found a yellow brick road tour guide (yep, been there, done that, got the red shoes to prove it) and I will NOT let you fall asleep in the poppies.

Who is Glinda?

Loreen Muzik is Glinda

Hi there. I’m Loreen and it’s so nice to meet you.

Welcome to the adventure I like to call the Ruby Slipper Rebellion. You’re here because there is no ruby slipper store in Kansas and you need Glinda’s Guidance. You have a story to tell in your unique voice, you have gifts and services to offer but, you’re stuck in the cellar, living in Munchkinland or surrounded by the flying monkeys of doubt. Am I right?


No worries. I’m here for you. I’m an intuitive Life Alchemist (a what? Hold on… you’ll get it in a second) and nothing delights me more than taking the lead that keeps you stuck in your current situation and divinely guiding you to turn it into the GOLD over your rainbow!


Umm YES please! That sounds like magical, old world goodness to me. I know, right? But, that’s not enough, you’ve probably had many a Wizard (aka life or business coach) boast empty promises of getting you the stars but you didn’t even reach the moon (or even the clouds OUCH). Yes? And… you need to peek behind my curtain. That’s cool, I’ll be very upfront from the start.


Continue reading on if you’d like to see what other inspired beings just like you, have said about working with me. PEEK behind THIS curtain if you’d like to better understand the process and Emerald City services I offer. PEEK behind THIS curtain if you’re uncertain about divination, tarot or the Akashic records. All part of our magical alchemical process here in Oz.


Need to know more? Email me at or

Friend me on facebook and PM me, we’ll chat like long lost besties!

Tell Me More!

Why Work With Me?

Because along the way in your journey to Oz, you’ll be faced with flying monkeys, dark forests, at least one witch who seeks to take your power and wizards who will want to keep you in a land of illusion.  It’s great to know that you’ve got a good witch on your side! Plus it’s just darn fun!


Now let’s harness your infinite power and get you Clicking Your Heels!


Check out What Others Are Saying about the experience of working with me. (below)

How to Work With Me

There are 3 ways to work with me: 1:1, group courses/coaching and DIY courses.  Whether you want a guided personal tour of your yellow brick road, someone to help you build your emerald city or you’d like to learn how to read tarot as your navigation tool… I can help.


Check out the Emerald City Services for more information or CLICK YOUR HEELS at any of the links below to learn more.

Loreen Muzik Life Alchemist
Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Group Coaching
Learn to read tarot online

What others are saying about working with me…

Sarah Bernstein - Source, TC
I usually have a few intuitive/psychic readings a year. Some use tarot or automatic writing, and some don’t use any such tool. But, yesterday...

I sat with Loreen Muzik as she went into the Akashic Records for my business. Now, I knew Loreen was brilliant and incredibly gifted in this way as she is my tarot reader of choice and tarot teacher, but I was not ready for the specific and clear messages she accessed for me. Everything before this has been big, sweeping, conceptual, thematic. “You are in a period of transition. You are having trouble using your voice. Someone, a strong male energy, is going to play a part…” and so on. What Loreen pulled for me was not only big picture ideas (good) but also specific, detail, and action based (Hallelujah!).

She told me how my customers feel, how they want to feel, what I can do to make them feel that way – on both my website and in the shop. She told me where to move things in the store, what things need signs, how to make the space more playful and inviting. Now that is helpful!

Fifteen minutes after I had my reading with Loreen I had a chance to try out her suggestions when a reluctant, non-engaged customer walked in. She was about to walk out when I did exactly what Loreen told me to do. Her energy and demeanor changed instantly. She became animated, chatted with us for quite a while, said she would be back soon, and that she was going to tell the rest of the women she worked with at a hair salon next door. Oh, and she bought a candle.

I felt my business change in that moment. I know the downloaded information has already started to transform the energy around my store, the physical space of my store, and more importantly, how I feel about my business and my ability to build it. It is easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur: a lot of responsibility is riding on my shoulders, people counting on me while I navigate something brand new. But, that feeling was lessened yesterday. I feel supported at a soul level, and I know after I make all these changes, I will ask Loreen and my guides for the next, exciting step.

~Sarah Bernstein

The entire experience was above & beyond in my book!

I've just had an extensive reading with you that was so necessary in my life right now that I cannot begin to tell you. You were straight to the point and pulled no punches, that's for sure! Loreen, you were so kind and understanding. You were not only able to peer deeply into my soul and circumstances, oh no. You also helped show the path before me as well as the way to clear it. The entire experience was so above and beyond in my book. I will certainly be referring to the recording of our reading again and again - there was just so much useful information! This session turned out to be one hell of a prescription, and I thank you deeply for your help. You are providing a truly good service to others.

Sarah Peterson, Edmonton, Canada

Poppies of Oz

I honestly am crying this reading is so on-point!

Kimberly Rankin
I honestly am crying at how on-point you are with this reading! Please let this serve as affirmation that you have a beautiful talent at reading the angel's messages. Loreen, I know that you will do great things, and by helping others to heal, you are fulfilling part of your life's purpose. Such a blessing you are, and how lucky we are to have you here in this lifetime...You are a bright and beautiful soul! From my heart to yours, thank you for this beautiful reading!

Much love and light,

Just what I needed to hear!

It was just what I needed to hear. I am not long in this state of being just a couple of month. I was searching for my meaning of life for a long time. And thanks to the angels I've got so much more. I don't feel hate anymore towards myself and others. I know now I am light, love and I feel the angels circling around me guiding me but I have a lot to learn though.

~ Love & Light,
Candy Palas,

The Hague, Netherlands

Candy Palas

By far the best & most accurate!

Kathy mcCarthy Peaceful Paws Training
I have had many readings in my adulthood. Loreen Muzik by far was the best and most accurate. So if you have a question and believe in the universe communicates with us. I highly recommend Loreen.

~Kathy McCarthy,
Traverse City, MI

This is wonderful!

This is wonderful. Thanks ever so much for taking so much time to give me such a comprehensive reading. It feels right on target for sure.

~ Light and Love,
Rena Susana Ardiosz
Burlington, Vermont

Rena Ardioz

Your connection is enlightening!

Bonnie Flowers
Oh Loreen, your reading was spectacular. Your interpretation, explanation, communication and connection is enlightening. You have a gift and Thank you for sharing it with me.

~ Bonnie Flowers
Traverse City, MI

Yes!  I think you’re the Guide for me!

Don’t leave me in Munchkinland for 1 more day!

Let's Work Together!
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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadows of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)