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Ruby Slipper Readings

Illuminate your Yellow Brick Road With a Ruby Slipper Reading


All of my readings are custom designed specifically to empower you to dare to reveal your infinite power & click your heels!

Ruby Slipper Tarot Readings

Which area of your life needs a little clarity?  My readings combine well with lots of focus areas: career goals, spiritual growth, relationships, self-love, personal development & emotional healing & spiritual entrepreneurship are all very popular if you’re looking for some guidance.  Simply choose your focus area and let tarot & oracle cards strengthen your intentions and nourish your soul.


Please note that all of my readings are collaborative and require that you are prepared for a high level of self-involvement. No falling asleep in the poppies on my watch! ~ Glinda


P.S. please also check out my Code Of Ethics & my article on What to Expect in A Tarot Reading

The Ruby Slipper Readings…


For clicking your heels toward personal growth & spiritual expansion.

Asleep in the Poppies Tarot Reading

Asleep in the Poppies?

Let’s conjure up a little snow to wake you up,  get you inspired & get you on the way to the Emerald City! In this session take a deep dive into your current journey, explore your options & illuminate & prepare for your yellow brick road.


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Yellow Brick Road Tarot Reading

Where in Oz am I?

An in-depth look at your yellow brick road.  You’ll find out where in Oz you are, what is currently holding you back, where your ruby slippers are hidden, what’s up ahead for you and how to pour water on your Witch!


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Whoa… I’m not quite ready to book it.  

First, tell me more!

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Glinda's Guidance Testimonial

What others are saying…

Loreen is so insightful and her readings are not only fun - but SPOT ON for me always. She has a divine connection through tarot - and has illuminated many events in my life that have happened to a ``T``.

Her website is amazing fun and empowers one to connect with their intuition and create their best lives. ~ MarciaAnn Lubore

Expand Your Being With Yellow Brick Road Tours


Soul coaching sessions, custom designed specifically to empower you to dare to reveal your infinite power & click your heels!

Yellow Brick Road Tours

NOT for the cellar seekers – just as Dorothy had to travel the yellow brick road, so will you have to take action to reveal and unleash the infinite power in your ruby slippers; however, this time with Glinda by your side.

Yellow Brick Road Tours are in-depth soul coaching, discovery sessions of your journey to Oz, illumination of your personal Yellow Brick Road and a revealing of the infinite power held in your ruby slippers. My divination and guidance for these sessions will come from both Tarot and Akashic Records readings, each session is customized for you to help you swat down flying monkeys, wake up from sleepy time in the poppies and harness the courage to pour water on the Witch!

Fair warning:
we will encounter flying monkeys in the dark forest, Wicked Witches and sneaky Wizards – however, once revealed – the intelligence of your body will go to work for you and begin to unleash your energetic power.  As you begin to realize your infinite power, you’ll be able to put those well-earned ruby slippers to work for you!

Emerald package $333

Ruby package $595

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Sarah Bernstein - Source, TC
I usually have a few intuitive/psychic readings a year. Some use tarot or automatic writing, and some don’t use any such tool. But, yesterday...

I sat with Loreen Muzik as she went into the Akashic Records for my business. Now, I knew Loreen was brilliant and incredibly gifted in this way as she is my tarot reader of choice and tarot teacher, but I was not ready for the specific and clear messages she accessed for me. Everything before this has been big, sweeping, conceptual, thematic. “You are in a period of transition. You are having trouble using your voice. Someone, a strong male energy, is going to play a part…” and so on. What Loreen pulled for me was not only big picture ideas (good) but also specific, detail, and action based (Hallelujah!).

She told me how my customers feel, how they want to feel, what I can do to make them feel that way – on both my website and in the shop. She told me where to move things in the store, what things need signs, how to make the space more playful and inviting. Now that is helpful!

Fifteen minutes after I had my reading with Loreen I had a chance to try out her suggestions when a reluctant, non-engaged customer walked in. She was about to walk out when I did exactly what Loreen told me to do. Her energy and demeanor changed instantly. She became animated, chatted with us for quite a while, said she would be back soon, and that she was going to tell the rest of the women she worked with at a hair salon next door. Oh, and she bought a candle.

I felt my business change in that moment. I know the downloaded information has already started to transform the energy around my store, the physical space of my store, and more importantly, how I feel about my business and my ability to build it. It is easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur: a lot of responsibility is riding on my shoulders, people counting on me while I navigate something brand new. But, that feeling was lessened yesterday. I feel supported at a soul level, and I know after I make all these changes, I will ask Loreen and my guides for the next, exciting step.

~Sarah Bernstein

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Disclaimer: Glinda’s Guidance Ruby Slipper Readings are for entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy,  medical treatment, legal or financial advice. 

Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadows of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site. (see header above)