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Give your soul's desire a path to prosperity. Dreampreneurs trust your inner voice, uncover your true value and take inspired and courageous action in your life and business; all through the magic of The Wonderful Wisdom of Oz.
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Yellow Brick Road Guidance Package

Is your soul’s desire looking for its path to prosperity? 

yellow brick road coaching package

You are in the right place if you are looking for a guide to help you navigate one focused element of your heroic dreampreneur journey.


3 enlightening, uplifting, clarity sessions

1 sessions/every 2 weeks + email access to me


This package is Perfect for expanding or finessing your Emerald City. Ideal if:

  • You’ve been in Oz quite awhile, have created lots of pieces and parts but something is just not quite coming together.  Get the clarity and alignment you need to bring it all together. Map it out sessions are great for this!


  • You want to have laser focus on one particular element of your business. Whether you need a kickstart and complete overview of the possibilities for your new business or to create & map out your Signature program, let’s get you clarity, focus, direction, advice and of course INSPIRATION.


Let’s not dilly dally!  This is 3-clicks of your heels to express your soul’s desire and find its path to prosperity!


Whether you know your passion and purpose and have already begun the adventure to create and share your gifts with the world OR if you’re just getting started, sitting in Kansas dreaming of the gold over your rainbow…

this is the place to get clarity, direction & advice for your adventure!

I’m interested in the Yellow Brick Road Package… $795

Let's see if we're a fit!

A Process Unique to YOU


Intuitive Coaching AdventureWe will meet via Skype or Zoom, each of our sessions will be unique to you and your specific needs and situation at the time of our session.


The Yellow Brick Road Package is designed to help you truly connect to your soul’s desire, to trust your inner voice, uncover your true value and take inspired and courageous action in your life and business.


Throughout our time together we will be Brainstorming with Spirit to inspire, reveal and elevate the energies of your life and business. This is an organic adventure as we allow your Emerald City to come to life by partnering with your Higher Self and mine, your Guides and mine.


Just as with all pioneering adventures, there is no “one way” to create, develop, and present unique cities like these.  The beauty of my unique process is that though I have a core process I incorporate to help you get clarity, alignment, release of blocks and activation of your natural gifts, the sessions are always unique and progress along with you.


The first step is always going to be The Oz-sessment. We’ll get up close & personal with where you are now and where you dream of being. This will help shape the trajectory of our work together. So go for the GOLD over the rainbow!


Because I am an intuitive guide and we’ll be brainstorming with the help of our Spirit team, we will be experiencing: tarot-py, tarot manifestations, Akashic records and Akashic business records readings in our sessions.


My GIFT to you: ALL Yellow Brick Road packages include an initial Oz-sessment, and a Munchkinland Mini Reading using tarot.

Perfect for exploring more deeply one of the paths to prosperity:


Your Yellow Brick Road – your path to prosperity

Clarity. Direction. Advice.  Maps unique to you and your superpowers, which take you directly to your destination.  These are the Map-it-out Strategy sessions.


yellow brick road coachingWhere do you want to go? We’ll reveal your yellow brick road to follow step-by-step:

  • reveal your voice, purpose & passion
  • create an online presence/esssence – colors, theme & language – unique to you – the heartbeat of your voice
  • create your Signature offerings (1:1, products and/or programs)
  • discover and allow your ideal energetic value exchange
  • map out the yellow brick road for YOUR guests to find your services and click their heels!


Since you are a Dreampreneur Pioneer, this will be done YOUR way… not mine.  I can guide you, mentor you, give you advice based upon my past and present experiences.  However, there is no ONE MAP to dreampreneur success, there is only the way that works for you right now. Together we can chart this part of your adventure and then you receive guidance every step of the way.


We’ll adventure at your pace – however swiftly or softly you’d like to advance because the speed limit on your journey is determined by you. I will give you coordinates to guide you in-between our sessions together to help you stay on track.


Have you hopped from coach to coach looking for “the system” or “the answers”? 

I know I did… for years!  But, you’ll find no Wizards here… not just another online coaching process, this is soul expression re-imagined through the Wonderful Wisdom of Oz AND with the added guidance of Spirit!


Listen, you’re smart, you’ve got great skills and passion for creating a more fulfilling life for yourself and your family.  You know that a successful business isn’t push-button, overnight success and you’re prepared to work hard. It’s time to elevate your energy, create a unique and lasting soul for your business, work smarter and understand what’s possible for you without making a bunch of expensive, time-wasting mistakes.  And you’ve realized that you simply can NOT do that alone.


It’s time for a guide, an inspirational support, some clarity, direction and connection.


Are you ready to build your Emerald City?

YES! Let’s Map out my Yellow Brick Road!  

Rise Above Entrepreneur Coaching

Before you book it…

let’s make sure we’re the perfect match!


Here’s what I need from you to move forward Dorothy:

Tell me a little more about you, your dream and your dog if you like… and then let’s connect.


When you click the button below, you will be re-directed to a connection form to complete.  You’ll be guided to tell me a bit more about where you are in your process and where you desire to be instead. There you can also ask any questions about these sessions, my process or whatever else comes to mind.

I’m interested in the Yellow Brick Road Package… $795

Get me to my Emerald City NOW!

Let's see if we're a fit!

If you’d like to learn more about working with me please visit

Is Glinda the Guide for Me?

Ready to explore the yellow brick road to your dreampreneur life but, you want something a bit less intense and comprehensive than the Ruby Package?

Visit The Emerald City Services Page

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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadows of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

Disclaimer: Glinda’s Guidance intuitive readings are for entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy,  medical treatment, legal or financial advice.