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You’re successful yet unfulfilled, at a transition point in your life saying to yourself… “I did everything right: career, home, family, network AND I’m miserable and I don’t know why!  Now what?”

You KNOW you are meant for so much more.  And yet… you are frustrated by your lack of progress in co-creating your ideal life. You may have even tried define who you really are, and authentically put yourself out there yet somehow you just couldn’t gain traction.

Why? It’s NOT because:

  • You’re not capable of making it happen – that’s just a doubtful mind Scarecrow
  • You’re not passionate about creating a dream life – that’s just a jaded heart Tin man
  • You don’t have enough time or money to pursue your dream – that’s just a cowardly excuse Lion

You have everything you need to manifest your dreams!

It’s because:

You don’t have CLARITY on your yellow brick road! You need to know your WHO, WHAT & HOW!

  • WHO you are meant to be
  • WHAT you are meant to create & offer to the world – your legacy
  • HOW you are going to do that

And despite trying diligently by reading books and blogs, buying course after course, and learning modality after modality… you just can’t figure it out all on your own.  Let’s face it; Oz is quite an adventure to navigate!  There are hidden obstacles everywhere from the limiting beliefs of Kansas, to the small thinking Munchkins, flying monkeys of doubt to the false promises of Wizards.

Good news!  Dorothy had Glinda for the journey and so can you!

You are a heroine – a ruby slipper wearin’, heel clickin’, passion filled PIONEER!

If you’ve found yourself:

  • stuck in Kansas, living in monotony
  • exhausted by the Executive Witch trying to steal your shoes
  • completely done with the Coaching Wizards making false promises
  • plagued by Flying monkeys trying to sabotage your dreams

Then you’ve just landed in the right place to get your new shoes and a little direction toward the gold over your rainbow.

Hi, I’m Loreen and it’s so nice to meet you!

I love that you’ve found your way here. And, I’m guessing, it’s because you’re wishing you had those ruby slippers to click your heels right on out of your current situation and into a passion filled, purposeful and prosperous life!

Am I right? Because let me tell you I’ve been there and so wished that Glinda would have told me the secrets to clicking my heels!

I help professionals and aspiring dreampreneurs struggling with uncertainty, questioning their self-worth and searching for the courage to fulfill their life’s purpose, to trust their inner voice, uncover their true value and take inspired and courageous action in their lives and businesses; all through the magic of The Wonderful Wisdom of Oz.

Loreen Muzik is Glinda

I want OUT of Kansas NOW Glinda!

If you desire to work with me you are a bright, beautiful, engaged light who is ready to live out your passion filled life’s purpose. You are done with the monotony of Kansas, KNOW there is far more for you out there and you want to find your passion and purpose, discover your superpowers and bring them ‘home’ to share with others.

FAIR WARNING: Cellar Seekers may want to stay in Kansas – Oz is ONLY for the brave of heart and those willing to engage in self-involvement and self-evolvement. You don’t ever have to travel your yellow brick road alone but, you will have to be willing to step out of the house once that tornado lands you in Oz!

I hear you Glinda but, I can’t let that Witch take my dreams away now.

Don’t leave me in Kansas for 1 more day!

Emerald City Services

What Are the Emerald City Services?

Prepare to pour water on the Wicked Witch! This is how you click your heels and head ‘home’.

In the Emerald City you are awarded full permission to be authentically you, as you finally discover and harness the power of your ruby slippers.

Unlike in Oz, you’ll find No Wizards Here. You’ll find Oracles prepared to guide and advise you in ways that a wizard never could. With Glinda’s help you’ll solve their riddles, and mysteries, the unseen becomes the seen as we explore Oz, navigate your yellow brick road and unlock the formula to finally click your heels!

If you’ve DECIDED:

  • you’re ready to bust free of the limiting beliefs you adopted from Kansas that keep you locked in a cellar
  • you’re tired of being surrounded by small thinking Munchkins who feed you sticky sweet compliments just to get you to stay with them
  • you’ve accepted your LAST false promise from a Wizard and
  • you’re dreams have been held captive long enough by the Wicked Witch

It’s time for you to join the Ruby Slipper Rebellion. The Emerald City Services will help you bust out of the cellar to become the hero of your story.

I’m ready to join the Ruby Slipper Rebellion!

Explore Oz with Glinda at Your Side

Click your heels at your own pace:

  • Get an overview map of your adventure with a Yellow Brick Road Tour
  • Take a full blown guided adventure with Glinda at your side
  • Empower yourself –
    • go from Toto to Tarot with private mentoring, one of my courses or workshops
    • go even deeper with the yellow brick road adventure series (coming soon)
  • Build your own Emerald City and share your light as Glinda to empower others

All of the Emerald City Services include an element of divination. I specialize in using Tarot, Oracles and the Akashic records for self-exploration, soul illumination and both business and life strategies. While I am intuitive and I use my intuition as well as my experience to guide you, I am not a fortune teller, psychic or a medium.

Just as Dorothy had Toto, you have intuition and imagination. Bring Toto with you to the Emerald City services, all alchemical experiences, which will help you to light up the possibilities in your life and connect you even more deeply to your own guidance system, your Universal GPS.

Don’t leave me in Munchkinland for one more day!

Shadows of Oz Tarot Readings

What are the Ruby Slipper Readings?

Intuitive Guidance which uncovers your beautiful yellow brick road through the images of tarot.

Tarot cards are like your best friends, they serve as guideposts for you along your path; they’ll share both the joy and pain of your journey. They serve as a mirror to you, an impartial witness to your journey, reflecting back to you the past, present and trajectories of the future you.

They are the Scarecrow, Tin man, Lion and Toto for you Dorothy. They can see things from a different perspective than you can in the moment and help you to overcome your self-doubt, find your passions and true value, tell you what’s up ahead so that you can make informed decisions and take courageous actions toward the manifestation of your desires.

Tarot helps you see the unseen and therefore can serve as a compass for you as you navigate the uncertainty of your journey to Oz.

Tarot is 78 rich works of art that depict recognizable archetypes and situations from our every day lives. The Ruby Slipper Readings weave these images together to tell you the current energies and trajectory of your own heroic journey. An exploratory and illuminating experience focused on giving you the clarity, focus and advice you need to take advantage of the power of your ruby slippers.

I’m tired of being in the Dark Forest!

Glinda Awakens in the Poppies

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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

Disclaimer: Glinda’s Guidance Ruby Slipper Readings are for entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy, medical treatment, legal or financial advice.

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