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Time to Invite Recklessness

Been feeling overwhelmed? Bogged down, maybe even sleepy? It seems that as the year progresses we are being asked more and more to step up and share our voices boldly! When that call to action comes though and we approach sharing our greatness, many of us STOP in our tracks and avoid moving forward all together. But what is is that has us falling asleep so close to our goals?

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Tarot Reading Slow Holler Les Vampires

How to Release Yourself From Kansas

Thinking about getting out of Kansas? Ready for a change of scenery, perhaps the technicolor lights and joy of Oz? Check out what it might take to get there and grab your ruby slippers!

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Cupids Tarot

Cupid’s Tarot

Let’s celebrate the season of love and who better than cupid’s tarot to give us some direction?Often as it relates to love and relationships questions arise about the faithfulness and intention of the other… Is he/she cheating?

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Prisma Visions and Rackham Oracle

Your Heroic Journey Is Calling You

Feeling drawn to this reading?

I LOVE how these two decks tell a story of the heroic journey! If it speaks to you it is likely because you are at some point in the cycle of your own journey and drawn to feeling into how it may all unfold! Read on to see…

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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

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