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Such great stuff up ahead on the yellow brick road… don’t miss out. Let me Invite you!


Up Ahead

I have so much up ahead on the yellow brick road for you!

And I can’t wait to share all of this goodness.  Here are just a few of the things I have planned for the near future:

  • The KISS ME Tarot book series – Keep It Simple & Straight Forward Method of learning tarot. One little bite-size step at a time.
  •  The DIY Yellow Brick Road Tarot Adventure Guidebook – Self-guided tarot adventures with spreads to help you defeat the flying monkeys, douse the wicked witches & peek behind the curtains of the Wizards in your life.
  • Tarot Reading Packages – get your own monthly State of Oz report; or for your business the Quarterly Emerald City Stockholders Assessment.  Chaos in your life? The Post-Tornado Package will have you clicking your heels in no time.
  • Akashic Records Readings  – let’s consult the lightbrary of your soul. Release soul contracts, liberate yourself from karmic patterns, know intimately your soul’s purpose.
Keep Walking Up Ahead

I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing new courses, books and programs but, if you’d like  for me to sprinkle some snow on you to alert you when I’ve awakened from the poppies… then please fill out the form below.

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current Products & Services

The Ruby Slipper Principles

If you’re not yet living a passion-filled, purpose driven life, you’ve got a bug (or a flying monkey) in the software of your life! The anti-dote is in Oz…

Get The Ruby Slipper Principles now!

Pawesome Dog Oracle

The Pawesome Dog Oracle is a handmade deck, created to help a dear friend raise funds for life-saving surgery for her beloved rescue dog.

Personalize your deck with up to 5 pictures of your own pup!

Work one on one with Loreen Muzik

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