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Excited to present to you something new, this post is part of a wonderful blog hop presented to you by some of the phenomenal tarot and oracle card readers from the Tarot Professionals fb group! This series is dedicated to discussing tarot and love – the romantic readings!  By clicking on the next and previous links above and below this post, you’ll be taken to the blogs of other uber cool tarotistas who are members of the Tarosophy  Tarot Association to explore their insights on this topic.  HOP AWAY – and enjoy!

Let’s celebrate the season of love and who better than cupid’s tarot to give us some direction?

Love – most certainly one of the TOP subjects to find its way into tarot readings.  Folks come to us from all different stages of love from I’ve not met someone to I think I’ve found the right person; I’m marrying or considering marrying to we’ve been together awhile and now we’ve hit a unique bump in the road.  Regardless of your love stage… tarot is a great way to explore options and decisions and the energies of these phases and what’s going on.

I tend to read more frequently on established relationships and answer questions about what is going on and how to address it. And one of my favorite ways to approach those readings is to have my guest consider the perspective of their partner – by indicating that the partner is the Significator or the subject of the reading.

In part I of our Cupid’s Tarot podcast from Behind the Deck we explore this. Let’s talk about reading from another person’s perspective and the VALUE that can bring to cupid’s tarot!


A sometimes controversial topic… do you read for someone other than the sitter? Often as it relates to love and relationships questions arise about the faithfulness and intention of the other.  The question that some have asked (not sure if they want the answer or not) is… Is he/she cheating?  What’s going on and what do I need to know?  Many tarot readers would never read for someone who is not in the room or didn’t request a reading and might find that quite unethical…

For Jay & I – there is a fine line – and it depends upon how it regards the sitter in front of you.

Is there a direct impact on the sitter?  We’re not talking about voyeuristic peeping – that feels like a place that we’d NOT want to go.  But, as it relates to a significant relationship and has a direct impact on the client – it has great value to do the reading from the other parties perspective.  (This may be unbeknownst to the significant other but clearly understood by the client.)

We can find out what the significant other is thinking and if we can hold space, have compassion and agree to use this information to help our client to better approach their partner and the relationship. It may point out that it appears to be in an energetic space that won’t work but, even that information could be used as a point of productive discussion. This is about learning the big spiritual lessons in life.

In the podcast Jay and I discuss a particular reading that I conducted for a client and what happened when I cast the spread from her partner’s perspective. (Listen in if you’d like to hear the discussion)

I do set the parameters with my guest that if we do this – they must agree to hold spiritual space for their partner, respect and honor their perspective and by having a better understanding of it take away a better way to approach the relationship.

We don’t always get to have these intimate conversations with our partners and tarot provides a wonderful bridge.  You can see where your partner is coming from and sometimes they can’t to express it or don’t feel safe enough to express it .  In order to participate in this kind of reading you have to be very loving to HOLD that space for your partner

And… keep in mind that it takes strength to open yourself up to things you might be very surprised about.

So for clients who approach me and ask for example, “Why won’t he marry me?”  I do offer to find out from HIS perspective!

From an ethical standpoint to me it is crucially important that before we do venture into such a reading that we both understand that tarot is sensitive and we are holding space for someone’s spiritual and human journey; we are holding their feelings and energetic map for a moment.   When our guests are invested in the process and open to exploring how they may better serve the relationship, this is one of my favorite approaches to reading for LOVE!

I hope if you’ve not yet tried this approach you’ll give it a try!

Now… hop on and find out what others have to say about love and tarot!


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  1. Great post. I will be back to listen to the podcast when it is earlier in the day and I can focus! Ali x

  2. Why, what a smart take on how to read for others when it comes to established relationships.

    Reminds me of therapy.

    Loving it!

    Thanks for the read.

    1. I wish I’d had tarot when I was going through couples therapy! It could have been so remarkably helpful.

      You’re welcome!

  3. Well done!! Relationship ethics in tarot (as I’m calling it) is a rarely discussed topic, and I’m glad someone did. My first draft of my post for this blog hop started out like this, but I may revisit it in another post this month! Thanks!

    1. Oh I love that “relationship ethics in tarot”! It can be a touchy subject can’t it? I have discussed this with a couple of my clients and the readings when held in the right light and space have been so profoundly helpful! I can’t wait to hear your insights on it!

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