To Your Emerald Authenti-City

In the Emerald City you are awarded full permission to be authentically you, as you finally discover and harness the power of your ruby slippers.


Unlike in Oz, you’ll find

no wizards here

You’ll find Oracles prepared to guide and advise you in ways that a wizard never could.  With Glinda’s help you’ll solve their riddles, and mysteries, the unseen becomes the seen as we explore Oz, navigate your yellow brick road and unlock the formula to finally click your heels!

If you’ve DECIDED:

  • you’re ready to bust free of the limiting beliefs you adopted from Kansas that keep you locked in a cellar
  • you’re tired of being surrounded by small thinking Munchkins who feed you sticky sweet compliments just to get you to stay with them
  • you’ve accepted your LAST false promise from a Wizard and
  • you’re dreams have been held captive long enough by the Wicked Witch

It’s time for you to join the Ruby Slipper Rebellion. The Emerald City Services will help you bust out of the cellar to become the hero of your story.

Rise Above Entrepreneur Coaching

Dreamers and Dreampreneurs Click Your Heels Here!

1:1 guidance is for you if you’d like to have someone by your side for the adventure.  An outside perspective, a source of inspiration and encouragement as you explore the many facets of your soul’s purpose and expression in the world.

You’ll find my sessions and packages are in 2 categories: Intuitive business strategies and personal life transformation.  Both alchemical but, with different core purposes.  Though your spiritual evolution and your business (if you have one) will intersect and connect, and we can and will address that in our sessions… the yellow brick road tours are focused on personal evolution while the emerald authenti-city packages are focused on the creation and evolution of your business. 

Experience the 
transformation with…

1:1 Guidance

Yellow Brick Road tarot tour

VIP in-depth Tarot Reading to explore all facets of your heroic journey and get you on the path to clicking your heels.


Work one on one with Loreen Muzik

No matter where you are in Oz, together we can have you clicking your heels home.

You have a unique gift to share with the world! But your thoughts & desires haven’t connected with your courage to take action just yet and… you don’t know why!

Let’s find out what’s holding you back.

Let’s release soul contracts.

Let’s build your Emerald City together. 

Single Sessions & Packages available

Emerald City Biz Strategy Session

VIP - 1/2 Day Virtual Retreat Intuitive Business Strategy Session. Because Pioneers need compasses too.


For Brainstorming & Building Your Emerald Authenti-City (Intuitive Biz Strategies)

These packages are for you if you are interested in exploring, expanding or establishing your business (be it side hustle or full-time passion all phases of your evolutionary process are welcome). 

Perfect for you if…

  • you have a desire to contribute to the world;
  • want your life and legacy to make a positive ripple in the Universal energy field;
  • wish to feel accepted, heard and recognized for your unique voice;
  • you’d like to be invited to play with the collective conscious and evolution.

Each package personalized to you and all focused on taking your purpose and passion and giving it a path to prosperity.  From intuitive and creative brainstorming to the step by step launch of your brand, products and/or process. We’ll focus on walking you down the yellow brick road of the creative process.

Take what is YOU and turn it into what you DO!

Emerald City expansion

Take your business elements through the tornado. From chaos to created... perfect to develop a new program, products or process, incorporate or combine modalities, or bring multiple modalities under one new umbrella brand.


Ruby slipper start-up

From Kansas to Oz to clicking your heels... take your passion from conception to completion!
I'll take you through all 3 phases of dreampreneur adventure: brainstorming, building & into being.
Perfect if you are at the beginning stages of your dream, just getting started OR completely re-launching a new YOU.


For Exploring & Evolving Through Life Transitions - The Yellow Brick Road Tours

These packages are for you if you are experiencing a life transition in: career, relationships, spirit or just in a place where you’d like some help remembering your soul’s purpose and reclaiming your passion and life fulfillment.

Each package personalized to you and all focused on taking you from Chaos to Calm… 

Emerald Evolution

An exploration of your inner terrain. Perfect if you are experiencing a life transition, searching for your true self, looking to get back on your path to fulfillment. Let's take you from chaos to calm.


Ruby slipper revival

A journey through the Ruby Slipper Principles! A deep exploration of your soul's purpose, path and prosperity. I'll take you through all 3 phases of your spiritual alchemy: formation, evolution & transcendence. Perfect if you are in the midst of life transformation, searching for SELF and life's purpose wondering "what now?" and "is this as good as it gets?". Certainly there is MORE to life than meets the eye. Let's find out why you're here and what you've come to accomplish in this lifetime!


Tarot & Akashics for: Clarity ~ Direction ~ Inspiration ~ Advice

Get clarity and advice

tarot Readings

Wake Up From the Poppies


Dreampreneurs, you have gifts to share with the world but you’re STUCK and you don’t know why! Get back on track to your Emerald City.


Tarot Reading Report

Which area of your life needs a little clarity?  

My readings combine well with lots of focus areas: career goals, spiritual growth, relationships, self-love, personal development & emotional healing & spiritual entrepreneurship are all very popular if you’re looking for some guidance.  Simply choose your focus area and let tarot & oracle cards strengthen your intentions and nourish your soul.

Adventurous packages available

Get out of Kansas Tarot Session

get out of kansas


Experiencing monotony in: Love, Money, Career, Spirit? Time to get out of Kansas! Find your gold over the rainbow.


Emerald City Board Minutes

Want advice from the Wizard's Counsel?

Go into your month with a forecast and business plan. We'll look at what's up ahead for you and what the board recommends you focus on.

Choose to go monthly or save with the 3-month package


State of Oz REports

Want a heads up from Toto?

Go into your month prepared with a REPORT containing clarity, direction and advice for 4 areas of your life: Money, Career/Business, Relationships and Spirit.

Choose to go monthly or save with the 3-month package


post-tornado Package

Things been chaotic?
Lot's of changes happening?
Feeling uncertainty rise?

An in-depth 1:1 tarot-py session every month for 3-months to help you though a transitional period in your life.


Loreen Is So Insightful And Her Readings Are Not Only Fun - But SPOT ON For Me Always. She Has A Divine Connection Through Tarot - And Has Illuminated Many Events In My Life That Have Happened To A ``T``.

Her Website Is Amazing Fun And Empowers One To Connect With Their Intuition And Create Their Best Lives. 

MarciaAnn Lubore
Glinda's Guidance Testimonial

Release the resistance
to living life fulfilled

Akashic Readings

Akashic Records Guide

Soul Guidance

Have a challenging pattern that keeps showing up in your life? Don't know why or how to release it? Why not ask your guides to help you.
Could be from a soul's contract you've established or a gift you agreed to keep hidden from a past life. Wouldn't you like to know?


Akashic Library

Want to feel less restriction in your life?  

The Akashics gently guide you to understand yourself and your soul’s journey more intimately. With your guides help we can identify and release blocks that show up as repeating patterns in your life, clear out any negative energetic associations or cords and begin the healing process to live your life with more fulfillment and fewer restrictions.

Readings are conducted remotely and delivered to you via email or audio recording. 1:1 in-person sessions are available only as a part of my 1:1 Intuitive Guidance packages listed above.

Akashic Records Reading

Business Guidance

Have questions about your ideal tribe? Your business strategy? The creation of products and services? Why not ask your guides via the Akashic records of your business!


Tarot & Akashics for: Clarity ~ Direction ~ Inspiration ~ Advice

Connect more deeply to

Your Intuition

Learn to read tarot

Anyone can read tarot. Yes – even you! All you need is the desire, a deck of tarot cards and the patience to allow a message to be revealed to you through art.

A video action adventure guide with a supportive community. Learn at your own pace but, never alone.


Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Group Coaching

Learn to navigate your own yellow brick road using the Wonderful Wisdom of Oz and divination!  

Keep your eyes peeled here because this yummy feature is coming soon! It’s going to be an action adventure guide for the soul.  Your very own roadmap to your soul’s fulfillment.  Get those flying monkeys and nasty witches off your heels!

Coming Soon!

Loreen Muzik Life Alchemy and guidance

1:1 Tarot Mentoring

Connect to your intuition. Go from Toto to tarot and use it as a compass for your heroic journey.

Or... take it deeper with VIP and let’s work together to customize your experience and offerings in a way that will have you feeling like tarot is your long lost bestie AND the best assistant you’ve ever had for your clients transformation, healing, and growth.

Want a Sneak Peek of the course?

No Wizards here… just simple, straightforward method to learning tarot. Pull back the curtain and see for yourself.  You can watch a sample lesson from the Intro To Tarot course if you click the link below.

NO Sign Up or email required... you’ll be directed straight to the lesson

Loreen Muzik reads Tarot
Glindas Guidance Logo

Don’t fall asleep in the poppies!
Let me sprinkle some inspirational snow on you. 

Receive spontaneous insights and invites to events and specials! Including Insider Exclusives for the Yellow Brick Road Tour Launches and New Book Series.

Want to learn more before you invite me into your inbox? Click Your Heels Here

Books&Tarot are truly my passion!
Read & Write – Write & read

Here you can find the book I’ve written (more coming soon) and the Oracle deck I created to support a rescue pup.

The Ruby Slipper Principles

If you’re not yet living a passion-filled, purpose driven life, you’ve got a bug (or a flying monkey) in the software of your life! The anti-dote is in Oz…

Get The Ruby Slipper Principles now!

Pawesome Dog Oracle

The Pawesome Dog Oracle is a handmade deck, created to help a dear friend raise funds for life-saving surgery for her beloved rescue dog.

Personalize your deck with up to 5 pictures of your own pup!


Glindas Guidance logo

Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

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