Get out of Kansas

Stuck in the monotony of life & don’t know how to get out?
Time for some tarot-py

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out of kansas

You are in the right place if …

Where you are is NOT where you desire to be. 

You KNOW there is a more colorful, joyful and prosperous version of your life, romance, finances or career and yet, instead of feeling fulfilled… you’ve found yourself stuck in the monotony of Kansas and you just DON’T KNOW WHY or how to get out! 

It’s so frustrating.  What spell is this that the Witch has put you under?

You’re skilled, bright, and passionate, have so much to offer and yet… you’re stuck!

It can be so maddening to KNOW there is more for you “out there” and yet not be able to uncover the hidden forces that seem to keep you “here” in Kansas, surrounded by the dull landscape that has become your life.

Good news!  It’s NOT you!  You simply lack the clarity, direction or advice necessary to find the escape hatch out of those cellar doors!

Thank Oz you’re HERE! 

Let’s use this quick tarot-py session find out what has you stuck in Kansas and what you can do about it!

Get out of Kansas Tarot Session


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

1 divinely insightful, illuminating and empowering, Tarot-py session. A virtual retreat (we meet in person or via Zoom for our 1:1 time)  or a remote reading sent to you as a PDF report with images. 

When to have a TArot REading?

As with any intuitive guidance I would say the best time to have a reading is when you feel called to it.  That said, here are some of the things that might show up in your experience which could be supported by a tarot-py session:

  • When your past is coming back to haunt you – old patterns – beliefs – situations and it’s time to BREAK FREE
  • When you’ve exhausted your support system asking for guidance and now need an impartial 3rd party for new perspective. (Hey, sometimes our besties get tired of our “stuff”)
  • When you are experiencing transition (life, career, relationships, financial) and want clarity, direction and advice for moving ahead.
  • When you need help with a decision making process: like…which job offer to accept, which person to date or partner up with, which business direction to take, etc.
  •  Any time your life is feeling like a “hot mess” and you can’t make heads or tails of how to move forward


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Dorothy in Front of the Emerald City

There are two ways to have your tarot-py session either:
1. remotely (a written report is prepared for you) or
2. we can meet via our virtual retreat space on Zoom (unless you’re local to Highland Park, IL or Traverse City, MI and then… let’s talk about an in-person meet). 

Our time together will be unique to you and your specific needs and situation at the time of our session.

All of my sessions are designed to help you truly connect to your soul’s desire, to trust your inner voice, uncover your true value and take inspired and courageous action in your life.

In this session we will be getting clarity with the help of your guides and mine through the art of tarot. We can address both BIG picture generalities and specifics about your situation.

In person and email report readings differ just a bit.  Of course with in-person sessions we have the ability to interact in real time and you can ask questions when they arise.  In a remote reading via email, we will not have that same luxury so while I will share anything that arises for me along the way, if you have specific questions you’d like to have addressed then please do indicate that in the preparation form.

Not just Tarot... Tarot-py

Allow me to hold space for you to see yourself from an entirely new perspective

what you’ll experience in…

Your Tarot-py session

Not just Tarot… this is tarot-py!

While looking at current and upcoming energies/events is absolutely paramount to the reading, there is also an element of deep self-reflection and awareness that evolves.

An exploratory experience, a light to possible paths, a tool to help you tap into your own inner terrain & get the guidance you need to take the next steps on your journey.

I created the word tarot-py to encompass the depth of my readings.  While it is NOT counseling, nor am I a therapist*, I hold the space for you to experience yourself from a new perspective and to share freely without judgement, and in that space you may find a deep sense of peace and healing as you might from a therapeutic modality.

answers PLUS… guidance, inspirational support, clarity, direction and advice

Coffee Meeting

Are you ready to elevate from the monotony of Kansas?

YES! Help me click my heels!  


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

1 divinely insightful, illuminating and empowering, Tarot-py session. A virtual retreat (we meet in person or via Zoom for our 1:1 time)  or a remote reading sent to you as a PDF report with images. 

Let's unlock the cellar door & get you out of Kansas

Find Out...

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

what's holding you back

The purpose of our tarot-py session will be to give you clarity, confirmation, direction and advice so that the path ahead of you is one of least resistance. Whether you are with me in-person or remotely, have very specific questions or are just looking for a big picture sweep of a particular situation, I will give you comprehensive insights and an overview that will be most useful for you.

No matter the area of the inner terrain you’d like to most to explore, we will unlock the cellar doors in the following areas:

Know where in Oz you are right now 

  • Find out how what energy is most influencing you and your experience (finances, love life, career, etc.). Where do you stand? What is your current energy field emitting?

Reveal the force that has you captive behind the cellar doors in Kansas

  • Finally know what it is that has you feeling stuck and what it is you must release or leap over in order to move forward towards your dream

Discover what your ruby slippers capable of & how to best use them right now

  • Know what strength you have to draw upon & how to use it to release the stuck energy.

Be alerted to what’s up ahead on the yellow brick road for you

  • What is being drawn into your experience next and how best to approach it. 

Disclose who or what in Kansas is pulling you back

  • See what is unresolved from the past which is still holding you back – what to leave behind you so that you can move on

Get Glinda’s Guidance – Clarity, direction and focus

  • Know where to direct your focus and find out the next 3 steps to take to get you back on track to the gold over your rainbow

PLUS Toto’s alerts to what’s up ahead on the adventure for you & a Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain of the Wizards in your life!

Looking for something else?

All of my sessions are unique to you and your specific needs and situation. The Get Out of Kansas session is designed to help you move forward with the following areas of your life: love/relationships, finances/career, spiritual/personal development.

If your needs are more focused on your business then Click Your Heels HERE to be taken to the Asleep in the Poppies Session! Whether you are just getting started building your platform or you have a specific project, program or offer that you are “stuck” with, this is a GREAT place to start.

If you are looking for more in-depth guidance through a transitional period in your life… check out my Post-Tornado package.  If you’d like a personalized heads up every month, check out my State of Oz package.


More questions about tarot… click your heels here.
Want to know if I’m the tarot-py reader for you… click your heels here.

An Etheric & Energetic Session

experience ah-ha moments & insightful intuitive downloads

During your reading...

With your permission… I will open the session by calling in your Guides to help us (a quiet, peaceful meditative experience).  One aspect of my guidance that makes it so unique is that we will work surrounded by your Akashic records to make sure that we are receiving and considering guidance that is uniquely personalized and specific to you, your soul’s desires and the etheric energy for your soul’s expression. This gives the best possible alignment with your energetic field and allows for your life to evolve and you to thrive!

A far more intimate process than you might find with other readings.  Given that we will be bridging the path between 3D (the 3rd dimension, our physical reality), 4D (our dream state and where tarot divination often resides) and 5D (the Akashics, at the level of universal consciousness) to receive guidance; you may also experience wonderful ah-ha moments, or “downloads” from Source as a part of the experience. EVEN if I conduct this reading remotely!

We cover quite a bit of information in this session (If we connect live via Zoom, I can record the session for you and send you the audio or video file, if we meet in-person you can record the session on your phone or tablet – OR you can order the “remote” written version of this session).  Regardless of the method you choose for me to conduct your reading, please trust that your guides know you and the intelligence of your body accepts and understands messages far quicker than you can comprehend consciously.  Your energy field then goes to work long before you do, it’s like an etheric virtual assistant to your life – BIG BONUS! You may notice the shift in the energy field over the course of the following 2-3 weeks (it can take time to integrate fully). I always leave you with the images of the cards from your reading as just looking at them can bridge the connection to your subconscious and help you integrate it into your life moving forward.

Keep in mind, that we can always extend our time together to explore other areas of your business or soul’s evolution with one of my Intuitive Guidance Package

before Tarot-py

Glindas Map to Oz

Before our tarot-py session…

When you purchase this session, you will be re-directed to a thank you message and an online form to complete. You’ll be guided to tell me a bit more about why you’ve come to consult tarot and what you would like to know. There you can also ask any questions about this reading, my process or whatever else comes to mind. If you desire to meet in-person or live via Zoom, you’ll need to let me know your availability options so that we can schedule our time together!

I’m IN!  Help me click my heels NOW!


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

1 divinely insightful, illuminating and empowering, Tarot-py session. A virtual retreat (we meet in person or via Zoom for our 1:1 time)  or a remote reading sent to you as a PDF report with images. 

Best & most accurate! Spectacular!

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Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

Disclaimer: Divinatory Readings are for spiritual exploration and entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy, medical treatment, legal or financial advice.

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