Go the Distance, By the Book, Time for Conformity

Go the Distance, By the Book, Time for Conformity

Glinda’s Guidance – a twister is coming or may have already arrived for you, embrace the chaos and ditch your expectations.

by the BookDo you have any idea how hard that title was to type for a rebellious being like me?  You do not want to miss what the Oracles had to say this week about why we are being asked to live “by the book” right now!

Hold on tight… you are in for a bumpy ride but remember that Dorothy got her Ruby Slippers when her tornado fortuitously landed her right on top of the wicked Witch of the East!

The energies of the week – (By the Book) – a week for conformity and staying in step, but, perhaps not in the way that you’re thinking right now – This is NOT a week for bold rebellion,  instead  a time to keep your head down, stay steady in your faith that the Universal laws by which you abide will indeed work to restore harmony in your life.

What is it that you have been working so steadily toward achieving? The seeds planted and energy emitted are doing their work behind the scenes.  This week you must allow Source to work its magic as the infinite cycle of the Universal Laws of karma, compensation, attraction, prayer, thought and nature is restoring the harmonious balance of returning to you.  Another reason it is a great idea to play “by the book” this week and put out there ONLY that which you desire to have returned to you.  Are you cycling thoughts of fear and lack?  If so be certain that is what you desire in return as Source is working overtime to cycle back to you this week! If it is abundance, prosperity and freedom you desire – best to be living by those parameters this week.  Learn from those who go before you and have achieved what you desire to achieve – how did they stay in step during the difficult times?

Wisdom of the Oracle Reading

Special Note: This week I opened the divine conversation with the stunningly sublime Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Collette Baron Reid, published by Hay House (pictured above).  I don’t normally use Oracle decks for my weekly guidance but, was called to the deep nature of the messages revealed in their oracular statements and to the soft, fluid yet powerful imagery.  If you do DIY divination at all – I highly recommend this deck!  You can grab your own on Amazon

The lion says: (Go the Distance)- stay true to YOU and have the courage to stick to your dream!  I know it feels tiring at times, when you don’t see everything coming to fruition in the timing you expect however, your intentions, your dreams, all that you’ve worked for to this point is coming to you but, you must cross the finish line to get the rewards.  No point in falling asleep in the poppies right now with Emerald City JUST up ahead! Your authenticity aligns you with the energies of Source and keeps you moving forward “by the book” – so above all, stay true in your journey, you have the strength you need to persevere.

The scarecrow says: (A Change in the Wind Rx) – do not lose faith right now when you are so very close!  If you don’t see or feel the winds of change blowing in your favor know that is simply small thinking – that is you resisting the process when you could be allowing the magic.  When you put expectations and demands upon Source to deliver, you are resisting.  Your journey is a cyclical one and just because it looks like the dark side of the moon to you right now – do not believe for one second that there is no movement toward your goals or purpose!

If things are feeling a bit chaotic or stormy to you as if the winds are blowing nothing more than a tornado your way… don’t fight it.  Even if your structure is uprooted and your foundations crumbled… know that it is only to make room for an even greater home for your dreams.  A place where you will find renewed clarity and strength, a new perspective gained from the next revolution of your evolution.

The tin man says: (Round and Round) – love that you are an infinite cycle with each revolution you evolve and expand and though it may look much different from where you stand, know that this is in support of the inspirallumination of your very being.  Think of it this way – this is an upgrade of your DNA – just as we upgrade software, there are often bugs that seem unsettling, yet we have gained such wisdom from the previous version that now we can handle this upgrade with far more grace than the last.  Love and embrace the newly unfolding you – recognize that this is why you are asked to live By the Book this week, to Go the Distance and to allow the Winds of Change to shake things up a bit. All of this is in support of your inspirallumination. If it feels as if you’ve gone backwards – know that you have indeed gone deeper within the spiral to a more evolved level of connection to yourself and your evolution.  You have actually gone higher and have a much better view than you once did of the same circumstances.

Toto says: (The Fates) – it’s okay if things are feeling “out of your control” right now.  This is your invitation to release your expectations and simply allow your experience to unfold. Let go of your need to control or your need for the outcomes in your life to be a certain way – with that release – you gain far more control and power.  You can harness the power of your ruby slippers by releasing any guilt or fear or connection you may have over killing that Wicked Witch of the East to get them! You may feel as if you are in a tough situation right now and there is no rhyme or reason to the pain and frustration you are feeling – just know that the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly when it breaks FREE of the chrysalis! Whatever it is you are experiencing now – trust that it is for your higher good and in support of your life’s purpose. Surrender and you will flourish!

HigherPowerWhat is this energy all about this week?  It’s about your Higher Power a partnership with the Divine in support of your life’s purpose. Be conscious of your connection to Spirit – though you are having a human experience right now and it may seem very individual – it is actually in support of the collective conscious.  This week you are asked to get out of your own way and ask how you can serve the greater good.  Allow your DNA to upgrade – you’re going to need the newest version of those Ruby Slippers to help your friends along the yellow brick road!  In the end, we all benefit.

This week please allow your higher power to lead you – allow the winds of change no matter how chaotic, the Fates to be no matter how uncomfortable – go the distance by the book of the laws of the Universe and know that you will indeed see things come back round to you.

To your infinite being and beautiful connection,

Glinda the Good Witch

Hi, I'm Loreen but, for this journey, let me be Glinda, you be Dorothy and let's work together to get you clicking your heels toward manifesting your dreams! Fair Warning: Cellar seekers stay home, working with me requires self-involvement and self-evolvement. There will be no falling asleep in the poppies on my watch! ~ Glinda

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