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There are 3 ways to work with me

Not a shocker right?
3 clicks of your heels – you’re feeling the theme here aren’t you? 

1. 1:1 Intuitive Guidance – I call these my Guided Yellow Brick Road Tours take a journey to Oz with Glinda by your side.  I offer VIP Virtual Retreat Days and Packages for long term growth and evolution. We can work on your Emerald City (your prosperity and authentiCity) or your Ruby Slippers (your soul’s purpose and legacy) and yes… in packages we find that these are intrinsically tied together and we explore BOTH.

Loreen Muzik Author

2. Courses – Workshops – Mentoring – I offer DIY Courses, Group Workshops and 1:1 Mentoring. I believe that our adventures in life are made easier and more joyful by our connection to our intuition (Toto) and our Higher Self (Glinda).  My courses are designed to empower you through that connection. Whether you choose to learn to read tarot or join us for a group dream exploration in our yellow brick road tours; you’ll become a divination diva and tap into your Universal GPS navigation system for an eye-opening journey!

3. The Ruby Slipper Readings and Festivities – I call these my tarot-py sessions and offer them as private 1:1 sessions and for events (tarot-py parties are really fun!)


Work one on one with Loreen Muzik

One on One Intuitive Guidance

Don't go through the dark forest alone!
Learn to read tarot online

Courses - Workshops - Mentoring

Tap into your magical intuition and thrive!
Ruby Slipper Tarot Readings

Ruby Slipper Readings & Festivities

Get clarity, direction and advice NOW!

YOur story

are here because

you are a heroine! a ruby slipper wearing, heel clickin’, passion filled Pioneer.

But somehow your desires and skills haven’t connected with your courage to manifest your dreams here in Kansas! Am I right? – BEEN there.

You have a soul nourishing dream and a dog, (maybe just the dream and that’s ok) but when it comes to letting go of the cellar doors you freeze (there’s no way I could do that for a living is there?!?) and you put the dream on a shelf for another day. 

Ruby Slipper Heroine

OR… You have a burning desire to help others and to share your knowledge but, when it comes to accepting payment for your services; you shrink back into a Munchkin and accept lollipops and compliments. (UGH – welcome resentment my old friend. I KNOW others are making so much more, offering so much less than me!) FEEL you.

Maybe, worst of all, you’ve already been displaced by the tornado (lost your job, hated it anyway – but salary, bennies & corporate car were sweet) and have the perfect opportunity to pursue your life’s purpose but, you’re scared of your own tail and just hide in the dark forest hoping that the Wizard will come find you with his hot air balloon.

Well, it’s your lucky day. You just found a yellow brick road tour guide (yep, been there, done that, got the red shoes to prove it) and I will NOT let you fall asleep in the poppies.

You may be in Kansas but you're not OF it anymore!

Find your gold over the rainbow BY PARTNERING WITH ME TODAY!

Time To

get out of kansas

You’re successful yet unfulfilled, at a transition point in your life saying to yourself…

“I did everything right: career, home, family, network AND I’m miserable and I don’t know why!  Now what?”

You KNOW you are meant for so much more.  And yet… you are frustrated by your lack of progress in co-creating your ideal life. You may have even tried define who you really are, and authentically put yourself out there yet somehow you just couldn’t gain traction.

Why? It’s NOT because:

  • You’re not capable of making it happen – that’s just a doubtful mind Scarecrow
  • You’re not passionate about creating a dream life – that’s just a jaded heart Tin man
  • You don’t have enough time or money to pursue your dream – that’s just a cowardly excuse Lion

You have everything you need to manifest your dreams!

It’s because:

You don’t have CLARITY on your yellow brick road! You need to know your WHO, WHAT & HOW!

  • WHO you are meant to be
  • WHAT you are meant to create & offer to the world – your legacy
  • HOW you are going to do that

And despite trying diligently by reading books and blogs, buying course after course, and learning modality after modality… you just can’t figure it out all on your own.  Let’s face it; Oz is quite an adventure to navigate!  There are hidden obstacles everywhere from the limiting beliefs of Kansas, to the small thinking Munchkins, flying monkeys of doubt to the false promises of Wizards.

Good news!  Dorothy had Glinda for the journey and so can you!

Is Glinda the guide for me?

Divination is an intimate exploration of the soul’s expression.It’s really important to find a diviner who aligns with you and makes you feel comfortable and welcome in a sacred space.  

You are ready for a new adventure!

Fulfillment is Just a few clicks away!

what do you do?

how will you Help Me?

No matter where in Oz you find yourself… I’m here to guide you.

You’ve probably found yourself in transition, ready to leave the monotony of Kansas behind.  Daring to give your soul’s desire a path to prosperity and leave a legacy on this Earth… but… you don’t know where to begin your adventure or you’re stuck somehow in the Dark Forest unable to progress.

That’s cool!  I’ve been there and I can help illuminate your UNIQUE path. In fact, what I do almost better than anything else in the world is to help you be you.   I work to understand deeply who you are and how your energy is best expressed in this world to guide you to recognize and master a strategy for your soul’s expression.

Work one on one with Loreen Muzik

In our sessions, we’ll take advantage of my intuitive brainstorming techniques to tour your yellow brick road and more…

  • explore the gifts you received in Kansas

  • swat down some of those flying monkeys of doubt

  • peek behind the illusions of the Wizards who have shown up in your life

  • teach Toto (your intuition) new tricks so that you have a powerful navigator for your adventure

  • discover the power of your ruby slippers AND how to use them to tap into the gold over your rainbow
  • reveal the next steps up ahead on your current yellow brick road (always leave with what next and how!) 

Each session/package will be unique to you and where you find yourself in Oz at that moment.


As your tour guide, I appreciate that your path is unique and evolving with you. So, like Glinda to Dorothy I will guide you, point out possible obstacles and offer loads of support and inspiration but, I will not tell you what to do.  Because there is no ONE path to clicking your heels there is just the pat that is right for your right now!

you’LL know it’s

For You if

Clarity ~ Alignment ~ Inspiration ~ Prosperity ~ authenticity

These sessions are perfect for you if:

  • You’re feeling successful yet unfulfilled, at a transition point in your life saying to yourself… “I did everything I thought was right, AND yet I’m unsatisfied!  Now what?”
  • you’re looking for the map of your soul’s and life’s purpose – including directions and what’s up ahead for you,
  • you want clarity, direction, and intuitive brainstorming on your life path or business strategy (because I LOVE dreampreneurs and want you to share your gifts!)
  • you want to explore spiritual/personal alchemy – turning the lead of your life into gold
  • you thrive with guidance, encouragement & support and above all… 

IT’S TIME to click your heels!

Rise Above Entrepreneur Coaching

Are You Exploring Any Of These Questions?



Why does this pattern keep repeating in my life?

How can I release this block? 

How can I overcome self-doubt? Reveal my inner power? Create a more fulfilling experience?


How can I get more clarity and direction in  my life?

How can I co-create a more fulfilling reality?

How can I learn to read tarot?


Questioning Your Path


What is my true calling?

How am I meant to express myself in this world?

What is my legacy going to be and how can I start living it now?

life transition

I am successful but unfulfilled… What Now?!

I’m surrounded by the group think of the Munchkins, an Executive Witch  trying to steal my shoes (ok your genius), or my house/home was just swooped up by a tornado of chaos… Now What?!!

How do I let go of what no longer serves me?


Who are my ideal clients?

What services/programs/products can I offer to best contribute to my clients evolution?

How can I create unique, authentic services that energize and inspire me and my clients?

Where do I even begin? I’d love to brainstorm the creation of my business/program/product/service.



What are my unique talents & gifts?

How do I create a brand that expresses my authenticity and resonates with my ideal audience?

How do I put all of these unrelated modalities under one unique and clear brand/experience for my clients?

If so... I can help!

My Process is personalized

Always Unique to You

How do adventures With Glinda Evolve When you are a pioneer?

And yes… you ARE a pioneer because you are creating a unique state of being from your unique perspective, voice and process that aligns with you which has never been done before! How cool is that?

As pioneers, we will be Brainstorming with Spirit to inspire, reveal and elevate the energies of your life. This is an organic adventure as we allow your Emerald Authenti-City to come to life by partnering with your Higher Self and mine, your Guides and Mine.

Intuitive Coaching Adventure

Pioneers though very independent and willing to lead the way, need teams to help them innovate, co-create and navigate the unknown.

Just as with all pioneering adventures, there is no “one way” to create, develop, and present unique authenti-cities like these.  The beauty of my unique process is that though I have a core framework I incorporate to help you get clarity, alignment, release of blocks and activation of your natural gifts, the sessions are always unique and progress along with you.


Dorothy and Toto A Dream and a Dog

Brainstorming with Spirit

Because I am an intuitive guide and we’ll be brainstorming with the help of our Spirit team, during our time together you will find my unique process includes:


a great way to uncover hidden blocks, reveal trajectories, identify your unique strengths, make informed decisions.

Tarot Manifestation

not just a 1-way conversation we are able to broadcast back to Source using these phenomenal images to harness the law of attraction and being in a re-imagined and really fun way!

Akashic Records

a great way to explore soul contracts and agreements, retrieve gifts you’ve hidden away from yourself, and heal at a soul’s level. Watch as the intelligence of your body accepts messages and starts shifting the energy in your reality to help you spiral up to new heights.

Akashic Biz Records

a great way to connect to your business guides and explore strategies, talk through projects, process and even client attraction as you partner with your guides to create, build and evolve your business.

PEEK behind THIS curtain if you’re uncertain about divination, tarot or the Akashic records. All part of our magical alchemical process here in Oz.

Want to see i’m the right guide for you? 

Read my heroic journey HERE


Friend me on facebook and PM me, we’ll chat like long lost besties!

or click your heels below

The key to unlocking your infinite potential is within you.  You are an incredible infinite being of light.  If you’re ready to you tap into your life force, release the infinite power of your ruby slippers and manifest anything and everything that you desire… let’s connect!

Continue reading on if you’d like to see what other inspired beings just like you, have said about working with me.

What others are saying about working with me...

Sarah Bernstein - Source, TC

“I usually have a few intuitive/psychic readings a year. Some use tarot or automatic writing, and some don’t use any such tool. But, yesterday…

I sat with Loreen Muzik as she went into the Akashic Records for my business. Now, I knew Loreen was brilliant and incredibly gifted in this way as she is my tarot reader of choice and tarot teacher, but I was not ready for the specific and clear messages she accessed for me. Everything before this has been big, sweeping, conceptual, thematic. “You are in a period of transition. You are having trouble using your voice. Someone, a strong male energy, is going to play a part…” and so on. What Loreen pulled for me was not only big picture ideas (good) but also specific, detail, and action based (Hallelujah!).

She told me how my customers feel, how they want to feel, what I can do to make them feel that way – on both my website and in the shop. She told me where to move things in the store, what things need signs, how to make the space more playful and inviting. Now that is helpful!

Fifteen minutes after I had my reading with Loreen I had a chance to try out her suggestions when a reluctant, non-engaged customer walked in. She was about to walk out when I did exactly what Loreen told me to do. Her energy and demeanor changed instantly. She became animated, chatted with us for quite a while, said she would be back soon, and that she was going to tell the rest of the women she worked with at a hair salon next door. Oh, and she bought a candle.

I felt my business change in that moment. I know the downloaded information has already started to transform the energy around my store, the physical space of my store, and more importantly, how I feel about my business and my ability to build it. It is easy to feel alone as an entrepreneur: a lot of responsibility is riding on my shoulders, people counting on me while I navigate something brand new. But, that feeling was lessened yesterday. I feel supported at a soul level, and I know after I make all these changes, I will ask Loreen and my guides for the next, exciting step.

Sarah Bernstein

owner of Source, creator of the dream league

Rise Above Entrepreneur Coaching

The entire experience was above & beyond in my book!

I’ve just had an extensive (session) with you that was so necessary in my life right now that I cannot begin to tell you. You were straight to the point and pulled no punches, that’s for sure! Loreen, you were so kind and understanding. You were not only able to peer deeply into my soul and circumstances, oh no. You also helped show the path before me as well as the way to clear it. The entire experience was so above and beyond in my book. I will certainly be referring to the recording of our (session) again and again – there was just so much useful information! This session turned out to be one hell of a prescription, and I thank you deeply for your help. You are providing a truly good service to others.

Sarah Peterson DeHaven

Astrologer, Sarah's Alchemical Workshop

Kimberly Rankin

I honestly am crying this reading is so on-point!

I honestly am crying at how on-point you are with this reading! Please let this serve as affirmation that you have a beautiful talent at reading the angel’s messages. Loreen, I know that you will do great things, and by helping others to heal, you are fulfilling part of your life’s purpose. Such a blessing you are, and how lucky we are to have you here in this lifetime…You are a bright and beautiful soul! From my heart to yours, thank you for this beautiful reading!

Much love and light,

Kimberly Rankin

Artist at The Gypsy Moon

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Work one on one with Loreen Muzik

One on One Intuitive Guidance

Don't go through the dark forest alone!
Follow Your Yellow Brick Road Group Coaching

Courses - Workshops - Mentoring

Tap into your magical intuition and thrive!
Ruby Slipper Tarot Readings

Ruby Slipper Readings & Festivities

Get clarity, direction and advice NOW!

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