Ruby Slipper Start up

Taking your business from conception to completion!

click your heels

let's create!

You are in the right place if…

you are looking for a guide to help you co-create your spiritually fulfilling business, in a way that deliciously aligns with your soul’s blueprint, purpose and passion. 

We’re talking… Kansas to Oz to Clicking Your Heels fantastic. 

Ideal if:

  • you are looking for the complete guided tour for the development of your Authenti-City; from Conception to Creation!
Whether you know your passion and purpose and have already begun the adventure to create and share your gifts with the world…OR… you’re just getting started, sitting in Kansas dreaming of the gold over your rainbow…

this is the place to start!

Let’s not dilly dally!  This is 3-clicks of your heels to really get things done… TANGIBLE results! 



Ruby Slipper Start Up Package


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

3 playfully co-creative, soul-satisfying, heel clicking VIP sessions to create your soul’s business. We’ll connect every 2-3 weeks for a 1/2 day virtual retreat (about 4 hrs).
You can go from NONE to DONE in as little as 6 weeks!

PLUS: 2 additional sessions: our initial Oz-sessment introductory session, our wrap up Encore session AND you get a VIP Yellow Brick Road reading (all in report form so that you can reference it for as long as you like)

Ruby Slipper Principles

From Chaos, confusion, conception…
to CREATED and ready to present to the world. 
Ahhh… doesn’t that feel FREEING?!

You have something interesting, unique and soul nourishing to share with the world.  You are successful or at least settled and yet… unfulfilled.  It’s time to be recognized for your gifts, to know your life matters, to leave this spiritual adventure even better than you found it by leaving your mark on the world. 

Now is the time to figure out how to take the pieces of life that you LOVE and turn that into a path to prosperity for you and for the people in the world who would be truly lost without you (trust me they are searching for you and that’s why you are called to this page right now)! 

And let’s face it… you’re busy and you’ve been “thinking about” this for awhile but, every time you sit down to implement… life takes over; you’re tired, you’ve got other priorities, you come across a technical glitch, you get lost in the overwhelm of research or creation and then… the idea never takes flight.  

I’ve got you!  I’ve been there… full time Executive, hating corporate politics wanting to get out and yet having no “free time” to carve out to create enough momentum to get an actual “business” off the ground so that I can get out and leave the 9-5 (who am I kidding… the 9-9 ) grind behind me. So, I spent thousands on mentors (more like Wizards) hoping they would help me focus and create my escape route! Of course, I should have peeked behind those curtains because… all I ended up with was empty promises and empty bank accounts!

Thus… the Ruby Slippers Start Up offering… I’m here to be the guide to you that I wish I had for myself! I didn’t want someone to do it FOR me… I wanted them to do it WITH me. Whether you are overwhelmed by all the moving parts to creating a business, or you’ve been “meaning to” get it launched for years… these sessions of brainstorming  and building with spirit will get you right into those bright red clicky heels where you want to be.


This is the place to…
get that idea and intention out of your head and into reality!

A process Unique to YOU

designed to help you connect uniquely to your soul’s strengths

Just FOr YOU

Dorothy in Front of the Emerald City

We will meet via our virtual retreat space on Zoom (unless you’re local to Highland Park, IL or Traverse City, MI and then… let’s talk about an in-person meet). Our time together will be unique to you and your specific needs and situation at the time of our session.

All of my sessions are designed to help you:

  • tap into your soul’s desire,
  • connect to your higher self,
  • trust your inner voice,
  • uncover your true value and
  • feel self-empowered to take inspired and courageous action in your life and business.

Throughout our time together we will be brainstorming with Spirit to inspire, reveal and elevate the energies of your business AND your life. This is an organic adventure as we allow your Emerald Authenti-City to come to life by partnering with your Higher Self and mine, your Guides and mine.

Just as with all pioneering adventures, there is no “one way” to create, develop, and present unique authenti-cities like these.  The beauty of my unique process is that though I have a core foundation I incorporate to help you get clarity, alignment, release of blocks and activation of your natural gifts, the sessions are always unique and progress along with you.

Not your average “business coaching”… this is intuitive, soul-nourishing BUSINESS CREATION re-imagined!  

Us + Source = Magical Manifestation. That means, we will enjoy: tarot-py, tarot manifestations, Akashic records and Akashic business records readings during every step of our adventure.

your voice is…

always "on Trend"

Tired of working with coaches & Mentors who think it’s more important to be “on trend” than “on track”?

I feel you there! Trends are fun and interesting but truly – NOT always well suited to your unique gifts, style, energetic aura OR soul’s purpose!  Bells and whistles, shiny, sparkly unicorns and cupcakes are VERY appealing but, like the gumdrops and lollipops of Munchkinland they’re not soul nourishing.  

Trends will change on a whim and then what?  Time to re-invent yourself to be on trend again.  That’s exhausting and it’s NOT getting you any closer to your Authenti-City!

When we build your business together we go beyond trend to transcend. Trends change but your soul’s blueprint does not! Let’s create something for you that draws those Munchkins out of their hypnotic rhythm and rises them up to finding their own harmony and realizing they have their own ruby slippers.  

Sparkles are “on trend”; 
your authentic voice transcends!

My Ruby Slippers

Are you ready to get the secret to clicking your heels?

YES! Let’s create my Emerald Authenti-City!  


Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

4-pay option
I’ve been in really tight financial corners before and know how discouraging it can be to want so much to work with someone but NOT be able to afford their time… it’s a nasty loop of “this will help me to prosper but, I have to prosper 1st to have it” UGH.
D’on’t fret… I understand. This 4-pay option is for you.

Glindas Guidance Logo

3 playfully co-creative, soul-satisfying, heel clicking VIP sessions to create your soul’s business. Each VIP virtual retreat is a 1/2 day (about 4 hrs).Of course the speed limit for this journey is up to you, I have found that connecting every 2-3 weeks is best, as that gives you time to integrate energetic healing and downloads from Source into your being but also to breathe into the creation of your content as it is evolving.




PLUS: 2 additional deeply magical and inspired sessions: our initial Oz-sessment introductory session and … wrap-up Encore session.
PLUS: you get a VIP Yellow Brick Road reading (all in report form so that you can reference it for as long as you like)


The Oz-Sessment

this is where we will begin our adventure

Our 1st Step

The first step is always going to be The Oz-sessment Session. We’ll get up close & personal with where you are now and where you dream of being. Most effective when you’ve spent just a little time thinking it through so, you’ll get the Self Oz-sessment sent to you in plenty of time to complete before our first session together.  With this package you’ll start exploring & appreciating your unique goodness before you even meet with Glinda!

When we meet – I’ll conduct a reading and we’ll take a look at the obstacles you’re currently facing:

  • like those nasty flying monkeys of doubt, 
  • the peer pressure of those Munchkins who seek to keep you small
  • the ego aka Wicked Witch who seeks to steal your creative spark or…
  • maybe it’s the overwhelm of the technical details or strategy that have you stuck in Kansas. 

and we’ll explore the gifts you have access to :

  • like your passion Tin man,
  • and your mad smart skills Scarecrow,
  • and the values you stand by so fiercely that you have the courage to present them to the world Lion

and of course… we’ll take a look at what’s up ahead on your yellow brick road.

This will help shape the trajectory of our work together. So we can develop a plan to go for the GOLD over the rainbow during our time together!

Ruby Slipper Principles

3 phases – 3 clicks of your heels to “home”

Next we begin our magical alchemy!  From the inspiration and inception of your idea/dream/desire, through decision making, activating, planning, releasing blocks, external and internal value and influences, self-appreciation and finally the transformation of your completed offering. Every step of the way from Kansas through to creating your own unique presence.

During our time together we will go through all three phases of the creative alchemical process…
PLUS: I’ll reveal all the co-creative secrets of building your Emerald Authenti-City. 

Phase i - Brainstorming

The beginning of the creative process

Phase i

Business Coaching Phase 1

Let the BRAINSTORMING begin!  Storm being the operative word here because after all we are starting in Kansas!  We know that, like Dorothy, you are in a place that you are OF no longer and you desire much more in your life.  Once that intention is set… the swirly vortex of the tornado starts to form… that’s the beautiful energy that is going to lift us from 3D to 4D and then 5D to get in touch with your ruby slippers for the first time! 

 When we meet we’ll reveal and explore:

  • Your soul’s purpose and your life’s purpose
  • Your unique gifts… What do those ruby slippers of yours hold? What’s your soul’s superpower?
  • The voice, mission and vision of your authentic business
  • Your client avatar… Who are the Dorothy’s to your Glinda services?
  • Possible signature offerings, products & services
This is the drafting of the dream… what do you want for the finished product to look like.. feel like… contribute to the world? We’re going to work with your Guides and mine to create the full picture of what Emerald Authenti-City will hold for us when we arrive.  Thus making it completely worth the journey through the dark forest and sleepy poppies to finally achieve your reward!

Phase iI - Building

roll up your sleeves we're paving the way to authenti-city

Phase iI

Business Coaching Phase 2

Let the BUILDING begin!  Call in the construction crew… the foundation is being poured, the walls are going up!  This is it the magical Wizard needs a home and we’re going to roll up our sleeves and get to work!  Not just an exercise in theory… this is the ACTION phase.  Putting red sparkles to yellow concrete as it were… “ruby to the road”… get it? 

When we meet we’ll work on the tangible creation of your biz. Depending upon your dreams and desires some of the things we will be creating are:

  • Your Signature offerings, programs, products, packages, services
  • Your core process… to ensure joyful, fulfilling client results
  • Your unique voice… language that speaks to your tribe
  • Your unique vibe… theme, story line, colors, graphics & images that make your guests feel at home
  • Your online presence & essence… where’s your Oz going to be? fb? IG? website? magazine? newsletter?* Let’s build it so that they can come!
This is the construction of the dream… we’ve been swept up by the energy of that creative tornado, landed with an idea of your ruby slipper powers and now we build it together.  Let’s use this time together to make it “concrete”, write it down, type it up, create design elements… no more leaving the dream on a shelf for another day – today is the DAY that 4D comes to 3D!  True MANIFESTATION through our inspired action.
*Please note: software and technical platforms/services are not included in the package price and must be provided by you… e.g. web hosting, website theme, learning management systems, email service, graphics design services, conference hosting services, etc. I will gladly make recommendations & can help with set-up during our time together.  

Phase iII - Launch!

test, tweak & peek... behind the curtains

Phase iII

Business Coaching Phase 3

This is it the final phase of our adventure; time to test, tweak and peek behind the curtains! Emerald Authenti-City is built… end of the Yellow Brick Road… up ahead, the poppies! 

At this point in Oz… Dorothy and her friends had gone to the Wizard for the answers and in order to receive their rewards they were tasked to complete a final challenge… Capture the Witch’s Broomstick! YIKES!

This is a real tipping point, the moment in our adventure that is going to separate you from the Munchkins! This is the point when other dreampreneurs (and perhaps even you in your past) stop just short of the most difficult AND the most rewarding point… sharing your creation with the world. But, don’t you worry, I won’t let you fall asleep in the poppies.

When we meet we will be doing our final inspection of the business before you release it to the world.  This phase is as much an internal focus as it will be an external expression.  As your spirit evolves, your business thrives!  

Let’s align your beautiful spirit by:

  • Deep, intimate self-reflection… shadows & light – let’s reveal the Witches that guide and hide your light
  • Addressing & releasing any toxins…  eliminate those flying monkeys of doubt, examine the limiting societal norms of the Munchkins, break free from the limiting beliefs of well meaning role models from Kansas
  •  Testing & reinforcing your energetic boundaries… if you are a spiritual practitioner you certainly have felt the drain of the energy vampires out there… let’s get you some garlic!

Let’s test, tweak & peek at:

  •  Your systems & structures… let’s make sure you have a clear, concise yellow brick road for your guests to follow after all we do want them to FIND your new Authenti-City!
  • Your offer & pricing… let’s test for effectiveness, efficiency & acceptance from your potential clients
  •  Your pilot client feedback… we’ll evaluate their ideas and infuse your offers and services with energy that even better aligns with them

This is the preparation for launch phase. You’ve done a LOT of work on creation, this is a time to finesse and finalize, to cleanse the spirit as you prepare to exhale your new expression into the world. Let’s align the inside so that when you take it external it feels like a breath of fresh air and fills your heart with pride and joy!

Holistic Creation

As within so with out... a business that reflects the whole of your soul.

Whole Soul

Business Coaching Package

So much more than business creation… this is soul evolution and expression. Though we will absolutely be focusing on the emergence of your business, throughout our time together we will also be on a spiritual journey.  Just as Glinda guided Dorothy,  our time together will have you emerge self-empowered with a deeper more intimate knowledge of your truth and self. 

With divination as the thread that flows throughout our time together you will:
  • Uncover your shadows… to shed light on the dark forest
  • Elevate your light… to radiate and attract the lion, scarecrows and tin men you will help to guide
  • Align your 3D Self and business to your 5D Soul… this is how you go over the rainbow & feel the gold of fulfillment

My job is to help you do YOU … without ME. So, we will also connect with your Source gifted navigation & decision making tools. 

Whether you already use a divination tool like tarot or oracle cards or you’ve not yet introduced them into your life; I can guide you to incorporate your intuition and higher self as your own personal guides for your adventure. Because this is about YOU being empowered to walk your path to prosperity; Dorothy didn’t have to navigate it alone and you don’t either. Toto (your intuition) is your ever faithful friend and will be well equipped for the job.

Encore Session

What happens AFTER you click your heels?


The final step is our Encore Session. We bring the whole experience full circle.  From Kansas to Oz to Clicking your heels and returning to Kansas… this time with an elevated perspective and being. In this session we will re-visit your Oz-sessment and talk about the areas of expansion, movement and growth.  

Let’s see how we did!  We’ll:

  • Tie up any loose ends… don’t want to slip on the laces of those ruby slippers!
  • Look back and review your personal and professional progress.
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have about the continued expansion and vitality of your new business.

The purpose of our time together is to pause to REMEMBER your brilliant light, acknowledge how far you’ve come and really take some well deserved time to bask in the GLOW of you! 

But also… to solidify your yellow brick road for the near future.  I will conduct final reading(s) for you where we can address any remaining questions you have and get final words of advise from your guides.

Etheric & Energetic Sessions

experience ah-ha moments & insightful intuitive downloads

During our Start Up Sessions...

What you’ll experience in a session… We will open by calling in your Guides to help us (a quiet, peaceful meditative experience).  One aspect of my guidance that makes it so unique is that we access (with your permission always) your Akashic records for your business/product/program/service to make sure that we are receiving and considering guidance that is uniquely personalized and specific to you, your soul’s desires and the etheric energy for your business. This gives the best possible alignment with your energetic field and with that of your clientele and allows for your business to grow and thrive!

After setting the stage – things will evolve organically based upon advice from your guides and mine.  I often incorporate tarot reading and manifestation into our strategy session. It will be a highly collaborative experience that is all held in a very sacred space.  

A far more intimate process than you might find with other “business coaches” or guides.  Given that we will be bridging the path between 3D (the 3rd dimension, our physical reality), 4D (our dream state and where tarot divination often resides) and 5D (the Akashics, at the level of universal consciousness) to receive guidance; you may also experience wonderful ah-ha moments, or “downloads” from Source as a part of the experience. 

In addition, when working with the Akashics you may receive energetic messages that the intelligence of your body accepts and understands far quicker than you can comprehend consciously.  Your energy field then goes to work long before you do, it’s like an etheric virtual assistant to your business – BIG BONUS! You may notice the shift in the energy field of your business over the course of the following 2-3 weeks (it can take time to integrate fully).

I will guide you, mentor you and give you advice based upon my past and present experiences, but what will be revealed to us will be a map that is uniquely suited to YOU in the moment.  

Keep in mind, that we can always extend our time together to explore other areas of your business or soul’s evolution with a VIP Emerald City Biz Strategy Session or one of my Intuitive Guidance Packages.

before we meet

Glindas Map to Oz

Before our Start Up sessions begin, I would like to learn a little more about your business, what you desire to accomplish and/or where you are looking for Glinda’s Guidance on your Emerald City build. That pre-work will allow us to jump right into our Oz-sessment session for maximum productivity.

When you purchase this package, you will be re-directed to a thank you message and a form to complete.  You’ll be guided to tell me a bit more about where you are in your process and where you desire to be instead. There you can also ask any questions about these sessions, my process or whatever else comes to mind; and you’ll let me know your availability options so that we can schedule our Oz-sessment Introductory Session!

I’m IN!  Help me click my heels NOW!


4-pay option
I’ve been in really tight financial corners before and know how discouraging it can be to want so much to work with someone but NOT be able to afford their time… it’s a nasty loop of “this will help me to prosper but, I have to prosper 1st to have it” UGH.
Don’t fret… I got you. This 4-pay option is for you!  C’mon let’s click those heels!

Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

3 playfully co-creative, soul-satisfying, heel clicking VIP sessions to create your soul’s business. We’ll connect every 2-3 weeks for a 1/2 day virtual retreat (about 4 hrs).
You can go from NONE to DONE in as little as 6 weeks!

PLUS: 2 additional deeply magical and inspired sessions: our initial Oz-sessment introductory session and… our wrap up Encore session AND you get a VIP Yellow Brick Road reading (all in report form so that you can reference it for as long as you like)

Glindas Guidance logo

Special Thanks to Illogical Associates the creators of The Shadow of Oz Tarot deck pictured throughout the site with their permission. (my inspiration)

Disclaimer: Divinatory Readings are for spiritual exploration and entertainment only. Please seek trained professionals for licensed therapy, medical treatment, legal or financial advice.

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