The Basis of Your Good Fortune Comes From This…

The Basis of Your Good Fortune Comes From This…

Are you ready to unveil your loyalty?

Asking the Oracles: How To Be Prosperous

Messenger Oracle​​This week I’ve chosen to present Glinda’s Guidance a little bit differently.  I want to add “Ask The Oracles” into the mix here as I feel that Oracles have such profound insights to share and the messages are both open to interpretation AND unique to each individual who will read them through their own experience, situation and state of being.

​This week, I am presenting to you an Oracular Statement.  The point is to cut through the conscious and speak directly to the subconscious to help you process the intended meaning for you at this time in your life.
To get the most out of an oracular statement, read through the Oracular Statement, even if you don’t understand it completely within the individual parts, allow yourself to get the context within the whole.  This is a message which transcends the question that I asked and can be applied to any situation.
Think of the movie the Matrix… Neo, the main character goes to visit The Oracle to find out if he is “the One”.
“The Oracle isn’t really interested in telling the future. She may be interested in knowing it, but she’s not some fortune teller who’s going to rhyme off all the things that will happen to you, or all the things you’re going to do. She’s going to guide you; she’s going to help you find the path.” ~,’ 

Oracluar statement messenger Oracle

This week I asked the oracles to help us find a path to prosperity. I opened my divine conversation using the stunningly beautiful Messenger Oracle.  Because the meaning of the statement will be unique to each of us, I will simply share it in the form which, I received it and allow you to interpret as you need to guide you to prosperity this week.

Following were the cards I received:
34 – Reveal Your Truth 
13 – Follow The Moon
5 – Challenge Your Perception
1 – A New Day Dawns
19 – Know You Belong

The Oracular Statement

How do we be more prosperous?

​Unveil your loyalty.
Accept the current phase of your life but,
Dispute everything you understand so that you may
Shine your light in ways previously unheard of
Then we may prosper together as One

For me, that means I’ve got a LOT of work to do this week and moving forward into this new dawn. Please do share with me how the oracular statement speaks to you.

Here’s to unveiling your loyalty,


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