Time to Invite Recklessness

Time to Invite Recklessness

Been feeling overwhelmed?  Bogged down… maybe even sleepy?  If you’ve been plagued by the Witch’s spell lately and found yourself asleep in the poppies you are NOT alone!


It seems that as the year progresses we are being asked more and more to step up and share our voices boldly!  When that call to action comes though and we approach sharing our greatness, many of us STOP in our tracks and avoid moving forward all together.


But what is is that has us falling asleep so close to our goals?


Well you know I had to ask the tarot to help us out with that – right?


It seems as though what we are trying to avoid right now is using the COURAGE we so desperately NEED to take action!  Even though at a subconscious level we KNOW we will be successful (look at that beautiful laurel on the Ace of Swords) our success will NOT come without the courage to fight for it.


How does that show up in your world?  

  • Are you afraid to ask for the sale?
  • Worried about putting a new program out there?
  • Doubting that you have what it takes to finally do that first session in exchange for money?

Often we don’t even realize that what we are trying to avoid is success!

Victory comes with it’s own challenges.

  • We may become more visible to others,
  • more sought after for our services,
  • even more prosperous.

Along with that though may come:

  • the jealousy of our peers,
  • the concern of the family or industry that we’re “not supposed to charge for our spiritual gifts”,
  • even the loneliness that comes from elevating our experience and feeling like we are leaving others behind who can no longer relate to us in our new successful story.

Yikes – yep – no wonder that card showed up there – that’s quite a bit to take on isn’t it. Alas, we really DO desire that success, we want the fruitful business, to find our soul’s desire to life fulfilled by our life’s purpose.  So, what is it that we can do to overcome the Witch’s spell (nasty little Ego who tells us lies to keep us “safe” in our current situation)?


Apparently we’re to WELCOME in our reckless side!  Truly re-evaluate what it is we stand for and stand by.  (Knight of Wands)


Our soul’s came here with a purpose, a drive, a desire for SOMETHING… what is it?  We KNOW it otherwise we’d NOT be asleep in the poppies so close to our goal of becoming right now.  Look, we received the Ace of Swords (the VICTORY) as what we are currently avoiding! OUCH!


So what can we do? Decide now that no matter what step we take forward, any action at all in the direction of our dreams is a “right” step AND an expression of our COURAGE. That is how we’ll overcome.  We will, with reckless abandon, feel afraid and do it anyway. Yes, it is uncomfortable, the Knight is sent in to defend the Kingdom, not the King, not the Queen, because it is a RISK.  But we are ready for that risk, we are assured success (Ace of Swords) and are being asked to defend our dreams like we would the Kingdom of Wands (the World of all that we are passionate about, all that we dream of, all that we value and stand by).


How about that for a little snow sprinkled by Glinda to wake us up from the poppies?


If you are reading this post now, then the messages above are for you – no matter when you find them and come across this blog. The messages from the Universe find us in perfect timing, exactly when they are meant to and they are always relevant to us in that moment.


That means you are on the verge of something really big right now and ready to break through to your Emerald City.  What an exciting time.


If you’d like more personalized guidance then try the exercise below.


Feeling plagued by the Witch’s spell in the poppies… falling asleep on your journey? How about creating your own snow? Grab your tarot or oracle deck and ask:

What is it that I am trying to avoid right now?
& then…
How can I overcome this spell?


Would LOVE to hear what you come up with! Share in the comments below!


p.s. if you’re ready for a deeper dive into your soul’s desire then how about a guided yellow brick road tour with me by your side? If yes then… CLICK YOUR HEELS HERE ooh and the gorgeous deck used for these images is the Tarot of Prague by Baba Studio – they are simply sublime and always read for me at a very deep soul level. Enjoy.

Glinda the Good Witch

Hi, I'm Loreen but, for this journey, let me be Glinda, you be Dorothy and let's work together to get you clicking your heels toward manifesting your dreams! Fair Warning: Cellar seekers stay home, working with me requires self-involvement and self-evolvement. There will be no falling asleep in the poppies on my watch! ~ Glinda

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