How to Release Yourself From Kansas

How to Release Yourself From Kansas

Toto surely knows how to get his furry cuteness right out of the clutches of danger AND out of the monotony of Kansas and off to a wonderful new adventure. Don’t you love that he’s so fearless?


Over at the Ruby Slipper Rebels group on facebook we have Tuesdays with Tarot and Toto and we share some of our insights and messages using this wonderful divination tool.


Today we wanted to focus on releasing ourselves from the monotony of Kansas, the energy that keeps us stuck and not free to move forward on the adventure to share our voices.


To that end, I grabbed the Slow Holler Tarot and the Les Vampires to ask what advice source might have to release us.

Well now the message couldn’t be clearer could it?  Time to embrace the tornado that is upon us!


First 7 of Branches from the Slow Holler Tarot – it’s time to really take a stand and KNOW what it is you intend and desire.  Things are about to change in a really big way because you’ve asked the Universe to clear the way for you! So, best get clear on what it is you stand by with all your heart.


At the same time, you’re also being asked to be resilient and flexible because some things are going to be cast off out of your energy field to make room for wonderful new changes and at first, those may not feel like great things to lose! Ask yourself, is your rigidity around sacred cows, beliefs, people, ways of being or doing REALLY necessary OR might you be holding on to something that is no longer serving you?

We have after all, asked what it will take to release stuck energy and head on to our adventure!  What did we expect??


We also have Her Last Day in the Light – from the Les Vampires Oracle by Lucy Cavendish art by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith.


Confirmation that even though we’ve asked for change, it may still feel very uncertain and unsettling to us.  After all a vampire is not native to the sunlight now is she? When we ask to depart from Kansas, we are also asking to leave something that has been intimately familiar to us, a source of comfort and knowing, a place where we feel confident and trust our navigation skills.


The easy to accept part is that your wish to move on is granted, the more difficult part is accepting the discomfort and the uncertainty that it brings.  Trust that you will not be giving up anything that is serving you well and you are embracing this for the great lesson it will bring to you and the great illumination you will receive from the adventure.


Truly, Dorothy did NOT have those ruby slippers in Kansas now did she?  You are about to exit the sepia tones and flat landscape of your current experience for the bright, lively technicolor dream of your Oz.


Think of yourself as the heroine of your own story because you are. And trust that you will find wonderful experiences up ahead, friends to support you and walk along with you, and truly raving fans at your ready.

Why did you desire to release the stuck energy in the first place?  THAT is your ‘home’… now put on your ruby slippers, grab your dog and let’s walk this way![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]If you’d like to play along and get a more personalized message to your situation… grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck and ask

What is one thing I can be or do to
release myself from any stuck energy (the monotony of Kansas)
so that I may be free to move on
to the adventure of sharing my voice.

Until next time…


Be strong, be well and know that you have had the power all along my dear.
~ Glinda


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Glinda the Good Witch

Hi, I'm Loreen but, for this journey, let me be Glinda, you be Dorothy and let's work together to get you clicking your heels toward manifesting your dreams! Fair Warning: Cellar seekers stay home, working with me requires self-involvement and self-evolvement. There will be no falling asleep in the poppies on my watch! ~ Glinda

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