Your Heroic Journey Is Calling You

Your Heroic Journey Is Calling You

Feeling drawn to this reading?


I LOVE how these two decks tell a story of the heroic journey! If it speaks to you it is likely because you are at some point in the cycle of your own journey and drawn to feeling into how it may all unfold!

Let me share with you the messages I found when I opened a divine conversation with the Prisma Visions Tarot and Doug Thornsjo’s incomparable (and my absolute favorite) Arthur Rackham Oracle deck.  These two decks seemed to have a synergy and harmony to them when paired that created a symphony of joyous messaging!


WHY are you drawn to these images?

What do they mean for you?


Stability To Walk Away

Based on these beauties, I’d say, your deepest desire is to feel STABILITY as you walk away from the experiences and energies that no longer serve you and walk towards your infinite potential, your freedom, your light and your purpose.


You are ready to begin the adventure but, as Dorothy had Glinda, you’d probably like a bit of guidance!

Which of the following pairs is most capturing You?


Heroic Journey Phase One 2 of CupsPhase I: Up, Up & Away


If this pair is drawing you or calling to you it is likely because…

You are at a point of Polarity in your life. An atmosphere charged with energy, strife and potential. You are at Point A – in your current state of Kansas but desire to be at point B – clicking your heels to manifest your truest desires and freedom.


You may feel that the tornado has already come to sweep you up or may have even landed with debris cast everywhere in a foreign land.


The start of 2016 has most certainly felt like a whirlwind of chaos and flying debris to me! The moment I saw Polarity I thought – YEP – know that one deep in my gut 😉


So, you seek to connect (2 of chalices) and open a divine conversation, creating a channel for you to connect to your yellow brick road.


Strawberries and TarotPhase II: Everything is deliciously unfamiliar & ripe with potential


If this pair is drawing you or calling to you it is likely because…


You have found yourself in quite unfamiliar territory – I mean Strawberries in Tarot? What type of archetype might that suggest?


So, you seek some guidance to uncover your hidden path (your Yellow Brick road) to help you explore your delicious and powerful potential.


Here you received your Ruby Slippers though you’re not quite sure how to harness them or how they will help you.  It is the beginning of the exploration of the adventure to your infinite potential.


Building Rapport With the 3 of CupsPhase III: Locking Arms with your support system


If this pair is drawing you or calling to you it is likely because…

You are at the phase of building Rapport with your friends and guides.  You are drawing in like-hearted colleagues and your connection to your Guides has become one of a trusted adviser.  All joining forces with Source to lift you up and celebrate every step of your journey.


Notice in the 3 of Chalices the Yellow Brick Road swirling in the background. At this point you will be locking arms with your support system, lion (your courage), tin man (your passion), scarecrow (your intellect) and Toto (your imagination and intuition). 

You are feeling very connected and clear in your channel.

Prisma Visions Tarot HermitPhase IV: Learning is the catalyst to fecundity & sangfoid


(I know I know, what the heck is fecundity and sangfoid?)  In the divine and delicious Arthur Rackham Oracle, Doug Thornsjo has used some of the most provocative and profound keywords to describe the images and messages.  Each a journey into it’s own little world.  In a former reading I did when I asked about the purpose of one of my offerings I received “Catalyst”, “Fecundity” & “Sangfoid” – It is a catalyst for one to discover their divine feminine power (fecundity) and use it to face their demons (sangfoid) and overcome them. But I digress…


If this pair is drawing you or calling to you it is likely because…


You are learning to connect to your fecundity, your divine feminine intuition , your channel for divine conversations and harness the power within you (Hermit).  With that you are armed to confront the dark forests, flying monkeys & false wizards that seek to keep you from realizing your dreams.

You are now able to pour water on the witch (Sangfroid – confronting your demons) – freeing yourself and giving others the permission and inspiration to free themselves too.


This is a transformational or cocooning phase.  You are turning the tables, preparing to emerge the butterfly, empowered to become your own Glinda and preparing to click your heels!


It’s a phase of tempering and preparation. Quiet reflection. Deep and profound authenticity with self.  It’s your moment of truth!

Phase V: Clicking your heels


If this pair is drawing you or calling to you it is likely because…


You are accepting of your infinite potential to manifest exactly what you desire. It’s a click your heels and return home kind of moment. The realization that you have the passion, knowledge and finally the COURAGE to take action on creating your reality (Ace of Wands).


Beneath that is the card called Parasite – with the “hangers on” seeking to draw their way up the tower on Rapunzel’s hair. So be aware that there will still be those who seek to “ride your coat tails” or “drag you down to their level” as will likely always be the case when you find success.


The thing is that through the rest of this journey (and this reading in particular) you have uncovered everything that you need to honor and protect yourself so that you CAN click your heels while still swatting away those pesky flying monkeys!


By the way – how amazing how these cards meld! Look at how the Ace of Wands parallels the hair in the Parasite!! So here you are ready to grab your potential, start a new and yet also know how to “cut” the parasites out of your life. Our heroic journeys are cyclical in nature.  We experience many in our lifetimes.  Some we may cycle through quite quickly and others, like the ones that lead us to identify and live fully in our life’s purpose, may take us and extended period of time. Each is unique to the individual and no two look alike.


Two of the things that have most helped me through my recent journeys have been the guidance I received from my personal Glinda (I call her my inspiration partner) and opening divine conversations with tarot and oracle cards.


I hope that no matter where you find yourself along your yellow brick road you find yourself in the company of supportive friends, a glittery delicious guide and the joy of divination.



Glinda the Good Witch

Hi, I'm Loreen but, for this journey, let me be Glinda, you be Dorothy and let's work together to get you clicking your heels toward manifesting your dreams! Fair Warning: Cellar seekers stay home, working with me requires self-involvement and self-evolvement. There will be no falling asleep in the poppies on my watch! ~ Glinda

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